Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Pavilion

www.plasticsurgery24.liveAesthetic Plastic Surgery Pavilion is one of the best facilities that has been around since 1997. This show how long this facility has served many individuals that need helps on the field. It is also part of a big medical group in Central California so you should not have to doubt its quality.

Furthermore, there are wonderful team that work hard to support the facilities in giving the patients the best service. Their plastic surgeons are all board certified by ABPS to ensure they are the best in this field.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Pavilion Procedures and Services

There are two plastic surgeons in this facility which are Dr Zuniga and Dr Askren. Both of them are trained specifically in the plastic surgery programs. They are the one that are responsible in giving various services such as:

  1. Face procedure

In aesthetic surgery this area is consider as the quintessence. Especially since there are a lot of attention that given to one’s face compared to the other part of the body. Furthermore, there are quite a number of procedures that can be done on the face.

Some of those procedures are nose job, facelift, lips injection, browlift, ear surgery, necklift, derma filler, botox and many other.

  1. Breast procedure

This procedure is one of the procedures that commonly done by many facilities. Especially since there are wide ranges of procedure that can be done in the breast area. Furthermore, there are different kinds of technique that can be done to achieve different result that the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Pavilion patients want.

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In this facility the commonly done procedures are breast lift, breast augmentation, breast implants, breast reconstruction, as well as breast reduction for both male and female patients.

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  1. Body procedure

There are also a wide range of procedures that can be done on the body area. Various techniques are done to contour the body to fulfill the patients need. That is why, the procedures done not only to remove the fats but also to remove the skins.

Since body contouring involved wide area, then the procedures that can be done also varied such as liposuction, upper arm lift, and tummy tuck. Sometimes Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Pavilion patients also want to do a full mom makeover for women that want to get the shape of their body back.

  1. Skin procedure

Besides invasive procedure, there are also non-invasive procedure that can be done to the skin area. As we all know, a lot of people have concern about their skin quality. Everyone wants to have healthy- and good-looking skin like a baby.

That is why skin procedure and treatment is done to restore the skin natural beauty. The procedures involved various technique such as micropeels, Obagi Peel, therapy facial, age correct facial, microdermabrasion, and many others.

  1. Skin care

To accompany various procedures that is done, this facility also provides various skin care. There are many lines that available for the patients such as Obagi, Jane Iredale, Jan Marini, C-ESTA line and various other vitamins and supplements.

As you can see, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Pavilion offers various procedures and services that can help you achieve the aesthetic that you want.

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