Albear Plastic Surgery

Albear Plastic Surgery

Dr. Paul R. Albear plastic surgery can be found in Tampa, Florida. He is affiliated and become a doctor in several top hospitals including AdventHealth Orlando and AdventHealth Wesley Chapel. He was graduated from University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago where he also got his medical degree.

He is a professional doctor who have more than 20 years experiences in plastic surgery field. As a surgeon, he is specialized in cosmetic or aesthetic surgeries, hand surgery, breast reconstruction and wound healing.

Why you should try Dr. Albear plastic surgery procedure?

Beside his experience in plastic surgery procedure over 20 years, he also received positive and excellent reviews from his patients. You can trust Dr. Albear and his teams to enhance your appearance so you can gain more self-confidence.

What kind of procedures usually offered by the surgeon?

  • Cosmetic or aesthetic plastic surgery

Cosmetic or aesthetic plastic surgery usually being done to improve the appearance of the body or face. Those who want to change the shape of their body or face usually try this procedure. There are many procedures that can be done such as nose surgery, eyelids, chin, or just reshaping overall face and body shape.

In addition, the purpose of this operation is to increase the asymmetry and proportion of the patient’s body and face.

Some examples of cosmetic surgery include: facelift, eyelid, liposuction, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, brow lift, neck lift, breast lift, breast augmentation, breast reduction for both men and women, and many more. You can trust Dr. Albear cosmetic surgery to do all of those procedures.

  • Breast reconstruction

What is breast reconstruction? It is a procedure with a goal to recreate breast usually after a mastectomy. There are so many kinds breast reconstructions that can be done, some using implants but others prefer to use body tissue from other parts of your body. For examples from your belly to recreate the breast. This procedure usually cannot be done just once and need multiple times of surgeries for several months.

For more information regarding such procedure, it is better to contact your doctor like Dr. Albear so you can make an appointment for consultation.

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  • Hand surgery

According to some information, you can try to take Albear hand plastic surgery. What is hand surgery? It can be done for both surgical and non-surgical treatment. It depends on your conditions and of course you can take it for cosmetic purpose. It should be done by experienced, trained and professional surgeon like Dr. Albear.

  • Wound healing

Wounds can appear caused by many factors and can be formed due to many things. If you lost your confidence because you have wounds or other body and face marks, then you can apply for wound healing procedures. Challenging wounds need to be treated by professional surgeon and thus you need an experienced doctor like Dr. Albear.

For more information regarding Albear plastic surgery in Tampa, Florida then you can contact him directly from associated hospitals. Tell him what issues you have and what kind of plastic surgery procedures you want to take according to your need. Hope this information help you to find the best surgeon.

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