Amanda Cerny Plastic Surgery – You can find a lot discussion about Amanda Cerny plastic surgery since she is very famous on the internet. As online personality, she has more than 13 million of followers. No wonder, that her appearance really attracts a lot of attention especially on the social media.

She also made a lot of video that are engaging and funny. But of course, people are not only attracted to her beauty but also to her hourglass figure. Sadly, one discussion lead to another one soon the rumor of her doing work under the knife also surfaced.

Amanda Cerny Plastic Surgery Rumor

Right now, Amanda Cerny already in her early thirties, she rose to fame with the popularity of her photoshoot for Playboy magazine. After which she her work in the modeling industry also increased.

Her work does not only stop in the modeling industry as everything that she put on social media also gain a lot of attention. She quickly gains huge following on all of her account as more and more people want to follow her every move.

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Breast Augmentations

Cerny often post several pictures on her social media which makes it easier for you to see her before and after picture. One changes on her appearance that gain huge attention is regarding the size of her breast.

Cerny breast appear firm and big which often changes in size. In some of her picture, her boob appears bigger and more pushed. That is why, many people speculate that she might have done some Amanda Cerny plastic surgery breast augmentation.

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As fitness enthusiast, Cerny has great hourglass figure that awed a lot of people. Her flat and packed belly truly makes her figure even more amazing. However, a lot of people believe that she might not get that figure naturally.

Some people suspect that she might have done some liposuction on several areas around her body. Of course, she is also known for her workout routine which show the effort that she do to gain that figure.

Although there are some believes, that you cannot get rid fats on several areas of the body no matter how hard you work out. But that believes only work on some body types. Maybe Cerny body type is the one that can easily shape by hard work.

Amanda Cerny plastic surgery Lip Fillers

Looking at her face, you can notice Cerny’s juicy lips that appear plump and big. Compared to her early days, her lips appear thinner especially for her upper lips. This leads to rumor that she might have use some lip fillers to make her lips appear plump.

However, some of her fans said that she does not use any fillers to achieve that pouty lips. Instead she just overline her lips and using lipsticks to make her lips looks bigger. Some believe this statement while some still doubt it.


Cerny is very beautiful woman. She has great body, appearance and sense of fashion. So, it is understandable when several people question whether Amanda Cerny plastic surgery had happened or not. As you can see, she really works hard to shape her figure so we cannot be sure if she really goes under the knife.

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