Ana Cheri Plastic Surgery – You might have heard about Ana Cheri plastic surgery ever since she becomes very popular. As she is a model, she often photographed since she was young. Furthermore, she also works in several film that expose her even further.

She is very well known to be beautiful since she was young. It is understandable, as she not only has the perfect face but also the perfect body. However, since she gains popularity, people also notice how, her appearance changes over the year.

Ana Cheri Plastic Surgery Facts Before and After

Ana currently already in her thirties so it is understandable if she already shows a few signs of aging. This is the age where people usually start to gain a few wrinkles that show their age. However, this seems not to happen to Ana since still appear very pretty without any of the aging sign.

Not only that, but it seems that her body also becomes sexier as she ages. This might be because she is very concern about her health since she is fitness model. Of course, the help of her husband Ben Moreland who are a bodybuilder himself.

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Various Procedure That She Might Get

Because of the changes that happen to her, a lot of people suspected that Ana Cheri plastic surgery has happened. Furthermore, the changes is not only visible in one area but a lot of areas around her body and face. Here are some of the procedures that she might get:

  1. Nose Job

Since she is young, Ana Cheri already have ideal nose. However, nowadays we can see how her nose appear slimmer and more sculptured than before. That is why, many people suggest that she might have gone under the knife for a rhinoplasty.

  1. Lip Fillers
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We all know that the lips will really affect someone appearance. That might be why Ana decide to use lip fillers to make her lips appear fuller and plumper especially on her lower one. Meanwhile the upper lips appear bigger to match with the lower.

  1. Breast implants

As a model, Ana always look very sexy which might be why a lot of people notice the changes in her breast. Some people notice that nowadays her bust appear bigger than before. you can easily notice this from her cleavage that looked different than before. This is one of the reasons why Ana Cheri plastic surgery rumor comes out.

  1. Butt augmentation

As someone that has Latin origin, it is normal for Ana to have bigger butt and wider hips. However, a lot of people appear bigger than before. not only her butt size becomes larger but her hips also becomes wider. That is why, some fans think that she might have done butt augmentation procedure.


As you can see, there are a lot of changes on Ana’s appearance that makes people think she might get some procedure done. Of course, Ana herself have not admit any of those procedure before.

Furthermore, there is a chance that she might not done anything at all. Some of those changes might be because of Ana Cheri plastic surgery but it might also because of her workout routine.

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