Back Plastic Surgery

Back Plastic Surgery

Back plastic surgery or back lift is a type of procedure with a goal to remove excess or loose skin on the back. This treatment also known as torsoplasty and people who have major weight loss and left with saggy or loose skins probably need this procedure.

Moreover, people often request additional plastic surgery procedures to complete this treatment such as liposuction or other body sculpting procedures. The combinations of such procedures can help our body to have firmer and better overall appearance.

Types of back plastic surgery treatments

Since no amount of exercise or diet can help reducing or removing shaggy and excess skins caused by weight lost, people often request of below treatments:

  1. Back lift surgery

This is a procedure to a patient who want to remove excess skin which accumulated on their back area following significant weight loss. This treatment target multiple area on body to get rid the loose skin and some patient even requested full body lift for multiple areas such as on the tights, arms, abdomen and back. Since back lift cannot help to sculpt or contour the back, people often request liposuction as well to complete the treatment.

  1. Upper back lift

If the shaggy or loose skin accumulated across the upper areas of the back then the patients may need upper back lift plastic surgery. For patient who request such treatment, they have two types of upper back lift to treat upper areas which are bra line back lift and vertical back lift. These procedures have different methods as well as techniques according to the concerned areas.

  1. Lower back lift

This procedure focused on the lower back of the patient. For example, people who have shaggy skin issues on their waist or hips and thus they do not need to undergo full back lift. That’s why this treatment is less extensive than full back lift and the back lift plastic surgery cost on the lower region usually cheaper than full back lift. Just like any other back lift surgery, this treatment can also be done with liposuction to handle the hips, waist or love handles.

As further note, lower back lift is different from lower body lift because the later is remove excess skin from overall lower body area that usually can be combined with tummy tuck treatment as well.

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How much the cost to request such procedure?

Back lift surgery cost is vary depending on the type of procedure you want to request. And if you add more procedures like liposuction, then it means extra cost. However, the average cost usually ranges from $2,000 to $16,000. And according to American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the averages cost for all kinds of body lift including the back surgery is around $8,000.

Back lift has quite long period of recovery time, you may need about 6 weeks to recover after the surgery being done. The outcome of back plastic surgery is permanent solution for loose or shaggy skin on the back so after weight loss you may want to immediately request it.

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