Bancroft Plastic Surgery

Bancroft Plastic Surgery services offer wide variety of both surgical and non-surgical procedure to enhance your appearance with natural looking result. It is located in Sugar Land, Houston, Texas thus you can visit and make appointment immediately by contacting their provided phone number first.

About Dr. Gregory Bancroft

Bancroft surgery center was founded by Dr. Gregory Bancroft, MD, PhD who is specialized in plastic surgery including mommy makeover, tummy tucks, breast lift, and Brazilian butt lift. He knows how to make patient comfortable with the surgery procedure and make them satisfied with the natural looking result, no botched look at all.

He was graduated from Baylor College of Medicine to get his medical degree after finishing his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering. He did not stop at that, since he is interested in reconstructive and plastic surgery, he decided to continue his study in Rice University and earning his PhD in Bioengineering.

He finally built his own surgery practice after completing his surgical training. With years of training, experiences and medical degree, you can rest assured with the result of plastic surgery managed by Dr. Bancroft.

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List of procedures available at Bancroft Plastic Surgery

Below are examples of several procedures available at Bancroft Houston Plastic Surgery such as:

  1. Breast augmentation

If you feel that your breasts shape is too small and you want to make them appear fuller then you can request for breast augmentation. It is a procedure known to increase breast size.

Usually, the surgeon will be placing implants under your chest muscle or breast tissue. People who lost their confidence because their breast size will regain or feel more confidence after completing this procedure. It also can be used to rebuilding breast because of other reasons.

  1. Botox and fillers injection
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Botox and fillers injection is a non-surgical procedure and usually people done it to get rid their aging signs like wrinkles around the eyes or forehead. People often feel less confidence when they getting older, usually due to aging signs such as wrinkles, crow’s feet and shagging skins. One of the procedures to remove these issues are using Botox injection and dermal fillers.

In general, this injection can last from 3 to 4 months, so the patient needs to do the procedure regularly after the effect is wear off. While dermal fillers can last longer around 6 to 12 months and even there are fillers which can last for years.

  1. Liposuction

This is a cosmetic procedure used to remove unwanted fat in specific areas of your body. Usually, the patient will request the surgeon to do liposuction in their hips, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms and even the neck. The procedure will also help to contour some areas. That’s why liposuction is also known as body contouring or lipoplasty procedure.

  1. Mommy makeover

It is a procedure to help women after they giving birth or after pregnancy. The goal is to restore the appearance of body after pregnancy because many women experience their body changed due to pregnancy. Most common body areas that can be addressed for this procedure like waist, breasts, buttocks, abdomen, etc.

If you want to know more information regarding Bancroft Plastic Surgery then please visit their official site.

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