Black Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before and After – There are lot of black celebrity plastic surgery before and after photos if you look it up on internet. From top singers to famous actors and actresses in Hollywood, most of them are rumoured to have had plastic surgery. Of course, many of them do it to improve their appearance to be more beautiful and handsome. Especially with the fierce competition in the entertainment world.

Below we will describe some of the top celebrities who are rumoured to have caught under the knife.

Black celebrity plastic surgery before and after list

  1. Rihanna

First of all, you must know this top singer, Rihanna. It turns out that he was widely rumoured to have nose job. If you look closely, then you can see that Rihanna’s nose looks smaller than before, especially the nostril which look less bulky. Besides doing plastic surgery on the nose, Rihanna apparently has also been confirmed to have implants in her breasts. Makes her breasts look fuller than before.

  1. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is also one of the black celebrities who are said to have plastic surgery. Kim Kardashian before and after photos showed us that she looks slimmer than before. Some people said that she had liposuction which she often denied.

Furthermore, she also denied to have nose job although the appearance and shape of the nose looks different from before. If you pay attention to Kim’s nose, it looks smaller than before. However, Kim Kardashian said it’s just the effect of makeup.

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  1. Janet Jackson
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The legendary singer, Janet Jackson, is also said to have undergone plastic surgery such as on her nose as well as on her breasts and liposuction. If it is true then the results are very good, because the face and the whole appearance still looks natural. If you pay attention then you can see a slight change in the nose. Maybe because it looks a little different, many say that Janet did plastic surgery.

  1. Beyonce

It must be admitted that singer Beyonce has a good body shape and a beautiful face. But, is everything natural or has Beyonce done plastic surgery? If you look at Beyonce’s plastic surgery before and after photos, you’ll notice that her nose looks a little sharper than before. In addition, the shape looks slimmer and many doctors say Beyonce did breast augmentation as well.

  1. LL Cool J

Apparently not only female celebrities who are rumoured to have plastic surgery. Popular rapper LL Cool J is also reported to have undergone several nose surgery procedures as well as liposuction to lose weight.

But all of these things have been clearly denied by the rapper. He says that his good body shape is the result of his gym activities. Even so, there are still many people who do not believe that his now better shape and muscular body is only the result of him doing the gym.

How about you? Do you believe that all black celebrity plastic surgery before and after list above are true?

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