Breslow Center for Plastic Surgery

Breslow Center for Plastic Surgery

Breslow Center for Plastic Surgery is located in Paramus, New Jersey and offer wide range of both surgical and non-surgical procedures. They are managed by Dr. Gary D. Breslow along with professional staff including Dr. Greaney as another experienced and skilled surgeon.

It is very easy to find plastic surgery center in NJ, however few that can give the best outcome with natural result. If you are looking for not only the best surgeons, but also modern and high-tech plastic surgery services and facilities, then consider Breslow center might be one of the best choices.

What Breslow Center for Plastic Surgery can offer to you?

  1. Professional surgeons and very friendly staff

Breslow plastic surgery center receives various positive reviews from the patients and they mostly very satisfied with their services. From the consultation to the surgery and even to the follow up years later, they really give high care and extraordinary services. The support staff such as the aestheticians as well as receptionist provide welcoming atmosphere and they will give you wonderful experience when you need some information.

As for Dr. Breslow, he is a knowledgeable, patient and very informative surgeon who will give explanation about each procedure and what patient really need. Most of the patients who experienced their service either non-invasive or surgical treatments are not disappointed at all.

  1. Wide range of plastic surgery treatments

You can ask them to perform so many plastic surgery treatments such as mommy makeover, breast augmentation, facelift surgery, body lift, liposuction, blepharoplasty, abdominoplasty, chin augmentation and many more. They also offer non-invasive procedures like CoopSculpting, miraDry and laser treatments.

You need medical Spa? Then they have Injxcellence Medical Spa at Breslow Center New Jersey for plastic surgery. They offer depth consultation with high experienced and educated aesthetic injectors to deal with some issues like wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, etc.

  1. Great consultation with Vectra 3D imaging technology

It is not easy to tell what you really want to the surgeons with only some words. Fortunately, in Breslow, the manage to have consultation with 3D imaging. With this kind of technology, the surgeons can easily tell what you really need and what is the best surgery you can have especially what the result will be.

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  1. They also offer reconstruction surgery

Most of them who are not satisfied with their former plastic surgery results can visit Breslow. There is so many patients who come to Dr. Breslow to repair their old plastic surgery especially if the original surgeon dismiss it.

They will try to recognize your problem and give solution for perfect reconstruction surgery. So, if you want your issue being fixed with professional surgeon, you may want to consider taking service from Breslow.

  1. Affordable cost

They manage the prices and cost very affordable; the billing department even amazingly can easily deal with the insurance company. If you want to know more about Breslow Center for Plastic Surgery treatment costs, then you may need to visit the center or contact their customer service via phone call.

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