Brow Reduction Plastic Surgery – Pronounced brow bone is always considered as a masculine feature which is why some people especially women choose to do brow reduction plastic surgery. Not only this surgery will make their feature more feminine, but it also helps to reduce the bone that will cause some problem in their appearance.

Brow bone that is too prominent will cause shading on the eyes especially from the front view. The bone usually very visible which disturb the profile and makes it more masculine looking. That is why, when women want to transform their face and makes it more feminine, this procedure is one of the first one to be recommended.

Brow Reduction Plastic Surgery Procedure

The procedure itself is done by lowering the brow brown which will cause the forehead to continuously flow to the nose area. The bone and orbital rims that is located above the eyes will be reduced so the eyes will be more open. The result is a softened and rounded forehead which considered to be more feminine shape.

Usually when this procedure is done, they will also pull down the hairline to lower and reshape it. The eyebrows will be reshaped and lift to become more feminine. That is why, this procedure is also called forehead feminization. Especially since the procedure involved various aspects not just the brow itself but everything on the forehead area.

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What You Will Experience During Consultation

On the brow reduction plastic surgery consultation, you will meet a surgeon that will ask you about the goals that you want to achieve. During this time, it is better for you to point out any feature that you wish to change and improve.

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Since the surgeon is very experienced in the field, they might also give you some adjustment or suggestion that you might not think about. Usually the suggestions are those that can help you to achieve the improvement that you want.

During this time, they will also tell you about where the incision will be made. Then they will review the procedure step by step so you can understand it better. They will also tell you the common recovery process and procedure that you will need to go through afterwards. Lastly, the surgeon will also tell you about complications possibility that might happen during and after the procedure.

Recovery Process after The Procedure

The brow reduction plastic surgery usually considered as outpatient procedure. The discomfort varies from one patient to another but you will commonly feel sore around 3-4days. But the pain can be easily controlled using medication.

You will also feel numb around the scalp that is located above incision. The feeling will return slowly after a few months. You might have some stiches around the hairline which will be removed after a week.

The incision may cause scaring but it will gradually fade and be covered by new hair. After the procedure, you will be home with medication such as antibiotic, nausea medication, anti-inflammatory medicine and pain medicine.

After the brow reduction plastic surgery procedure is done, you will need to come to the clinic the next day for a follow up.

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