C-Section Scar Plastic Surgery

Women after pregnant who gave birth an infant with cesarean section or C-section usually went under the knife for some C-Section scar plastic surgery. This procedure helps to remove the scar that cannot be healed naturally after labor and thus they seek scar revision surgery.

C-section scar usually are large and discoloured, even women who have this kind of scar usually felt pains that cannot be ignored. The procedure of plastic surgery is not only making the scar invisible but also diminish the section scar to improve the appearance.

Who are allowed to have c-section scar plastic surgery?

Not all mothers can be allowed to take c-section scar treatment, there are certain things which need to be considered so women are applicable for this procedure. The conditions such as:

  1. They are in a good health
  2. It is better if they are not smoke or at least did not use tobacco products in large numbers
  3. They do not have detrimental skin diseases
  4. Fully understands the benefits and the downside of this treatment

To understand the condition of those who want to do c-section scar surgery, usually the surgeon or doctor ask for consultation. And if you are not allowed to take the treatment, then they may find another solution.

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Variety of the surgeries

There are wide variety of choices to remove c-section scar on mothers. It is important to understand what kind of cesarean section scar plastic surgery suitable best for you. There are:

  1. Scar revision
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This treatment is conducted mainly to focus on improving the scar by removing it. After that, the surgeon will add multiple layers using plastic surgery stiches, very tiny thus the stiches can be noticed. As the outcome, the scar will look thinner, nicer and flatter than before. To maximize it, the surgeon will probably remove extra skin around the scar. This type of revision surgery can be done using local anesthesia with short recovery time.

  1. Mini tummy tuck

This is a larger procedure than just scar revision because it focused on the whole abdominal or stomach area. Usually, women will have weak muscle as well as stretch marks and loose skin after labor. The goal is to remove all of those issues after pregnancy thus their appearance gets better or at least back to normal as if never giving birth.

Mini tummy tuck will tighten the weak muscle and even add liposuction procedure to create slimmer, thinner and flatter stomach. The muscles are tighter and will appear more attractive.

  1. Full tummy tuck

Full tummy tuck or known as abdominoplasty is the best treatment to treat mother’s belly after labor. It is because the procedure will get rid most of the loose skins and tissues so the belly appears flattest. This is a large-scale procedure than just revision treatment or mini tummy tuck. The full tummy tuck also adds liposuction and liposculpturing to contour the side and surrounding areas of belly.

For those who want to have c-section scar plastic surgery, you can also option for laser treatment which less painful than surgical procedures.

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