Changes Plastic Surgery – Those that needs help on their skin care and aesthetic might want to try going to Changes Plastic Surgery Facility. This facility is located in San Diego and considered one of the best in the area.

It is a big thing since San Diego is very big industry for plastic surgery. Furthermore, you can get high quality procedure from this facility. The team is very dedicated to provide customers their own personalized procedure with innovative solution.

The Team in Changes Plastic Surgery

  1. Dr Lee

Dr. Lee hold triple board certification and considered as the top surgeon in the industry. The is expert in Microvascular surgery which is why a lot of patients look for him. He is able to give you a new and refresh look that appear youthful but still natural and beautiful.

He shows high care to the individual change and able to collaborate together with the patients to make the best decision for each of the client. He will use precision and artistry in all surgery that he performs.

  1. Dr Rossi

Dr Rossi really have great artistry when it comes to the procedure that he does. That is why, he is able to create beautiful and natural result for his injectable and surgery. He is always strict and adhere to safety measure to make sure the client gets the best result.

He is very warmth, genuine and charismatic which will make you be at ease when you met him. He is also very keen and detailed so he can help you to achieve your goals and be the best version of yourself.

  1. The Team
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The team on Changes Plastic Surgery Facility very experienced and ready to help you achieve your goal. They will devote everything to make sure you get the best service while you stay at the facility.

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New Technology Created by the Facility

  1. Scarless surgery

This surgery is done using new technology called facetitle for the face area and bodytite for the body. it is a new technology which developed by Changes Plastic Surgery for their patients.

With this technology, the procedure can be done with no incisions, less downtime and most importantly no scar. This also means the patients will have less risk and less discomfort, most importantly less recovery so they can take less time out from their work.

  1. Autologous Implant Breast Lift

This is a new technology developed by Dr. Rossi who invented this new mastopexy procedure without the need of using implants. The reason is because there are a few patients that does not want to use implants for this procedure.

It is a breakthrough for breast lift procedure that has been game changer in the industry. Patients from all over the world had come to the facility to get this unique procedure to achieve their goal.

As you can see, Changes Plastic Surgery have two amazing new procedures that have become the talk in the industry. This new breakthrough really amazing which makes a lot of people want to get their procedure in the facility. If you are interested, you need to try it yourself.

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