Chegar Plastic Surgery

Chegar Plastic Surgery

If you want a fantastic job being done for your plastic surgery, then we suggest you can try Chegar Plastic Surgery. Dr. Chegar will deliver natural outcome with safe and high quality of performance. Moreover, in Chegar, you can find wide variety of plastic surgery from facial plastic surgery to non-surgical treatment.

Who is Dr. Burke E, Chegar? He is a specialist in facial plastic surgery that graduated from Wabash College and got his medical degree from Indiana University. And after that, he receives his surgical training in NY before he moved to Georgia for fellowship in facial plastic surgery.

For now, he is an active member of American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery and other organizations that guarantee the best surgeon for plastic surgery in the world. So, for those who want their surgery being done with skilled and experienced doctor, you may want to consult and request a procedure from Dr. Chegar.

Many kinds of Chegar Plastic Surgery treatments

There are many kinds of plastic surgery in Chegar which you can choose based on your need. You can try to talk or consult the surgeon first before planning to take the type of surgery you want them to perform.

  1. Facelift

Facelift is for those who feel discomfort with their shaggy skins on their facial appearance. It makes them looks old due to the aging signs. This is why, Dr. Chegar will help you to maintain your youthful look with facelift procedure. The procedure will refresh and revitalize your look with natural appearance. So, for those who want to get rid droopy cheeks, double chin, crease lines, and such as, you can request this kind of procedure.

  1. Brow lift

This procedure has similar goal with facelift, although it focused with aging signs on the forehead. It deals with aging signs on the forehead like wrinkles, sagging and folds on the brow and forehead. The procedure will make those area appear tighter, youthful and smoother.

The patient needs to consult with the surgeon the first time they want to have such procedure. Since the procedure will be performed depends on the anatomy of each of patient forehead as well as their hair pattern.

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  1. Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery or nose job is a procedure to address some issues on the nose shape. People who unsatisfied with their nose shape and the structure of their nose can request this surgery. It will help to create a better nose shape that suitable best with your facial structure. The nose job or nasal surgery can also be done for both cosmetic purposes or health purpose.

For example, you can ask a nasal surgery to remove a nose hump or just narrowing your nose width and improving nasal tip angle.

  1. Injectables

Injectables are non-surgical procedure for those who want to remove aging signs without going under the knife. This is a solution for those who prefer painless and quick treatment. Moreover, it has very short healing time than surgical procedure.

That’s it for Chegar plastic surgery and information about the cost can be asked directly to their customer service.

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