Cheryl Hines Plastic Surgery – Recently, there are a lot of Cheryl Hines plastic surgery rumor that going around this amazing American actress. You might know Cheryl Hines from her HBO drama Curb Your Enthusiasm where she plays as the wife of Larry David with her own name Cheryl.

As her career increased and gain more popularity surely a lot of rumor start to hit her as well. Most recently is about plastic surgery since this kind of topic is very juicy and a lot of people want to know about it.

Cheryl Hines Plastic Surgery After Her Success

Cheryl Hines has been in the filming industry ever since she was young, however not young enough so people does not really know what she looks like on her early adult years. But recently her teenage year photo got leaked on the web which gain a lot of attention since she is very famous.

However, the one that makes a lot of people question about her appearance is her leaked thirties picture. People then compare Cheryl before and after picture when she is already in her thirties with her current appearance.

There are a few obvious changes that makes people suspect that Cheryl Hines plastic surgery had happen. Especially since now Cheryl is not young anymore but she still able to maintain her youthful look. Thus, people think that she must be going under the knife to be able to maintain them.

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Right now, Cheryl is already in her late fifties which makes it normal for her to have a few lines as a sign of aging. However, as you can see, that her face still smooth and clean from any winkles.

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But if you see Cheryl appearance when she was in her thirties, it is obvious how she already has a few lines around her eyes and forehead. This makes people suspect that she might have uses some Botox injection to remove those wrinkles.

Cheryl Hines plastic surgery Nose Job

Another changes that people pay attention from Cheryl teenage picture is the shape of her nose. In her teen picture people notice that her nose appears bigger and her nose bridge also appear wider.

However, if you see her right now, you will see that her nose right now is more chiseled and becomes pointier. Thus, many people think that her current nose is due to her having nose job sometime before she hit the screen.

Other Surgery Possibility

Cheryl is always known for her beautiful smile that captivated a lot of viewers. However, a shocking possibility is revealed by Dr. Aston that says her charming smile came from dental surgery. Besides the dental surgery, Dr. Aston also said that they see sign that Cheryl might do blepharoplasty that makes her eyelids appear more youthful.

Regarding all of the statements, Cheryl said that she will do anything that will make her happy. However, she did not confirm that she indeed has gone under the knife to get her current appearance. Thus, we could not know for sure if Cheryl Hines plastic surgery really happened or not. You need to make your own conclusion about this.

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