Dr Burruss Memphis Plastic Surgery

www.plasticsurgery24.liveDr Burruss Memphis plastic surgery get his medical degree from University of Tennesse in Health Sciences in 1977. He has work in plastic surgery field for more than 28 years. This show how experienced he is in the field as he had work in it for decades.

Besides working as active surgeon, he also serving at the same university he graduates from as assistant professor. He also worked as acting chief of plastic surgery at Veteran Administrative Medical Center.

Dr Burruss Memphis Plastic Surgery

Dr George Burruss knows how plastic surgery means different thing for everyone. Whether it is eyelift surgery or reconstruction surgery he feels that the procedure can help to make the patients enjoy their life once again. Besides practicing his expertise in academic environment, he also has private practice in Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis.

Dr Burruss specification is in aesthetic and cosmetic surgery for eyelids, ears, and face. He is also an expert for various breast surgery procedure and nose reconstruction surgery for skin cancer. He also works as director in a local Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Team and working for pediatric patient care.

He considers the work that he does for his patients as a privilege as the patients able to trust him this great responsibility to give them specialized procedure to take care of his patients.

Dr Burruss Memphis plastic surgery has board certification from ABS since December 1987 and from ABPS since November 1990. He also a member of ASPS, PSF, SESPRS, FACS, and many others.

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Procedure Performed

  1. Breast surgery

This surgery is performed for breast area that is done to enlarge, reduce, lifting, or reconstruct the breast. This surgery is dedicated for those who are not satisfied with the appearance of their breast and wanted to enhance the look.

It is also performed for those who experienced some pain because their breast is too big. Breast lifting can be done when the breast cannot hold its position from aging or from its weight.

Lastly breast reconstruction can be performed after injuries or breast cancer procedure. This procedure will be personalized based on the condition of the breast after the cancer treatment.

  1. Cleft Palate-Craniofacial surgery

This surgery is done to reconstruct the damaged tissue and bone to improve the appearance on the head and face that is disfigured. Dr Burruss Memphis plastic surgery specialized in performing this surgery for children that has craniofacial anomalies. The surgery is done to children with this condition since it can help to minimizing the impact during their development and growth.

  1. Nose reconstruction surgery

This procedure is done to correct any abnormalities in the nose area that happens after skin cancer. It is able to reconstruct the nose area to reverse the defects that is caused by procedure done to treat the skin cancer.

Those are a few procedures that Dr Burruss Memphis plastic surgery usually do. Besides those surgery, he also able to do various other plastic surgery for the face, eyes and ears. Since he has decades of experience in plastic surgery, you should not doubt his ability anymore.

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