Dr Geppert Harbour Plastic Surgery

Dr Geppert Harbour Plastic Surgery center is a trusted place where you can enhance your appearance to boost your confidence through surgical and non-surgical procedure. It is located in League City, Texas and offer wide variety of aesthetic surgery, reconstructive and plastic surgery.

About Dr Geppert Harbour Plastic Surgery

Harbour Plastic Surgery was founded by Dr. Elena G. Geppert in 2008 and until now the surgery center has become one of the leading aesthetic and plastic surgery destinations in Houston area. It has a complete and modern high technology plus skilled and experienced surgeon and team to serve for the patients with different needs.

Dr. Geppert herself was graduated from top universities to get her medical degree (MD). She got a full scholarship from Harvard University then also graduated in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with honors. After that she decided to study in medical field in New York University School of Medicine.

As a surgeon, she specialized in both plastic and cosmetic surgery as well as aesthetic procedure for body and face surgery including reconstructive breast surgery. If you want to know more about her experiences and skills then you can visit their official website and go to her profile.

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Plastic surgery and non-surgery services that available

There are variety of plastic surgery and non-surgery services that available for patients who want to visit such as:

  1. Plastic surgery procedures

Harbour plastic surgery procedures include facial, body, breast and labia procedures. These kinds of surgeries offered a natural looking result according to patient’s need with different issue.

  • Face plastic surgery which you can take like facelift, lip augmentation, eyelid lift, fat transfer to the face, nose surgery/rhinoplasty, ear pinning surgery, neck liposuction, neck lift, scar revision, skin lesion excision, etc.
  • Breast plastic surgery which you can take like breast augmentation, enlargement and enhancement, implant selection, breast reduction, breast reconstruction, breast lift, nipple repair, etc.
  • Body plastic surgery which you can take like mommy make-over after pregnancy or childbirth, body lift, liposuction, buttock lift, medial thigh lift, cosmetic surgery after weight loss, burns, buttock implant, Brazilian butt lift, etc.
  • Labiaplasty procedure for women in which the procedure will give you more aesthetic and sometime also reduce discomfort in the most intimate area of women. Women who aware of their difference in genital appearance and want to have symmetric labia can also request for such procedure.
  1. Non-surgery procedure
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Harbour Plastic Surgery offers a range of cosmetic non-surgery treatments as well as skin care treatments which focusing on aesthetic correction like lip or dermal fillers, lasers and wrinkle smoothing. This kind of procedure usually very effective to reduce aging signs or facial rejuvenations.

For examples like Botox procedure which one of the most popular non-surgical procedures to take in a goal to decrease the appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet and frown lines on the forehead.

If you want to contact or knowing more about Dr Geppert Harbour Plastic Surgery services including the cost then you can just visit their official site.

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