Dr Namnoum Atlanta Plastic Surgery

Dr Namnoum Atlanta Plastic Surgery

Dr Namnoum Atlanta plastic surgery service is available for those who want the best solution for their appearance problems. Dr. James Namnoum is an expertise in plastic surgery industry who already went through training in Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He is trained in both general and plastic surgery that laid the foundation of him to open his own surgery clinic.

Now, with more than 20 years experiences, he always ready to bring the best result for his patients. He is now the leading surgeon in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery including breast surgery, facial surgery and body contouring. He also served as traveling professor who teach residents and physicians across United States after being selected by the American Society of Aesthetic Surgery.

Dr Namnoum Atlanta plastic surgery services review

We will know review some of Dr Namnoum plastic surgery services that available to fix many issues from head to toe such as:

  1. Breast surgery

Dr. Namnoum offers breast procedures for both cosmetic and reconstructive purposes. You can also tell that his service is one of the best among many surgery clinics in Atlanta. The services include breast lift, breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast reconstruction and breast revision.

Dr. Namnoum himself is very interested in breast augmentation and breast reconstruction. And when you schedule an appointment with him, during consultation, he will discuss surgical technique option with you to help you determine the best procedure and treatment that will give the best natural looking result. He will make sure that the patient will get their desired appearance.

  1. Body surgery

You have to get a very experienced surgeon when you want to alter your body and Dr. James Namnoum in Atlanta can surely achieve what you really need. Aging, pregnancy, weight fluctuation, major weight lost, and many more can be the reasons you feel uncomfortable with the way your body appear.

There are vary ways to enhance your body with surgical procedures like tummy tuck, liposuction and even mommy makeover to make your body appear slimmer. There are also surgeries to reshape or tighten some part of your body. These surgeries can address your body issues and can be combined with other surgical treatments.

If you want to transform some of your body parts, make sure to tell Dr. Namnoum during consultation. He will help you to find the best body surgery treatment and even help you to customize your need.

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  1. Facial surgery

Face is the first attribute that people will see when they meet us and thus have a good facial look is a must. However, this can also become the first area that show significant aging signs like loose or shaggy skins, wrinkles, fine lines, etc. Furthermore, some people also have different issues regarding their facial shape and sizes, to address these concerns, you can option for plastic surgery.

Thankfully, in Dr Namnoum Atlanta plastic surgery center, they offer face procedures like eyelid surgery, facelift and laser resurfacing. As for the how much does each of the procedure cost, you can contact them for more information.

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