Ellen Degeneres Plastic Surgery

www.plasticsurgery24.liveEllen Degeneres plastic surgery rumor start to come out after the new season of her famous tv show come out. She even makes fun of this rumor in one of her opening scenes.

However, there are reasons why the rumor start. Especially, since she appears younger in the new season. That is surely difficult to be done using natural method especially since she is now already in her sixties.

Ellen Degeneres Plastic Surgery Rumor

As a tv show host Ellen Degeneres is very successful. Especially since the show is able to air for 19years before ended in May 2022. Another interesting thing about her is the fact that she married her wife that is 15years younger than her.

But that is where the rumor started. An insider said that Ellen is very unhappy of her appearance because she looks older than her wife Portia. Even though it should be natural thing since she is older than her wife but she could not receive this fact.

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Ellen Degeneres Going Under the Knife

The insiders also said that Ellen had go under the knife before to look younger. That is why, in this new season her appearance changes dramatically. You can see this from Ellen Degeneres plastic surgery before and after picture.

However, this move does not come without consequences. Sadly, the one that have to get the consequences is not Ellen herself but her makeup staff. According to a behind the scene report, they said that the staff face some difficulties in doing her makeup.

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As everyone knows Ellen Degeneres is very famous for her glowing peachy look. Usually the makeup staff can achieve that look in 2.5hours. However, after she has gone under the knife, her makeup now takes longer than usual. It is said that; the show makeup staff have to work extra in order to cover the scar that she got after the procedure.

Expert Opinion about Ellen Degeneres Plastic Surgery

Of course, we should also see how the expert think about Ellen Degeneres plastic surgery. According to Dr. Shahar it is possible that ellen had done forehead lift since her eyebrows seems to be elevated significantly.

She might also use some botox injection since the wrinkles and crow’s feet had disappear from her forehand and glabella. Furthermore, she might do laser peel and chemical peel for her skin care. There might be some fillers injected to her under eyes that makes her eyes looking more alive.


As you can see, expert such as Dr. Shahar and Dr. Mark can see the obvious change in Ellen appearance. We can also see it from her before and after picture that show how she appear younger and fresher.

Of course, Ellen herself never said anything about her going under the knife. Moreover, she is surrounded by expert in makeup industry in her team. So, there is possibly that the change on her appearance is from the use of makeup.

Not to mention TV magic that can edit her appearance to look flawless and appealing. That is why, you need to decide whether Ellen Degeneres Plastic Surgery really happen or not.

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