Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery

www.plasticsurgery24.liveEmily Blunt plastic surgery rumor has been around for a long time since this British actress is very popular and her career rise. Especially since she continues to get leading role in a few movies that makes her gain a lot of attention.

And as actress becomes famous a lot of people then talk about them a lot. One of the most common topics is whether the actress has gone under the knife or not. Furthermore, there are various rumor to address so a lot of things to talk among the fans.

Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery Rumor and Speculation

Emily Blunt has been in the filming industry for more than 20 years now and people sure have seen a lot of changes in her appearance. That is why, many people use her picture for before and after comparison.

But of course, as someone gets older their appearance surely changed. Aging sign, pregnancy and many other natural things can change both body and face of someone. But sometimes the changes are interpreted as them going under the knife. So, let us see whether the rumors are true or not.

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Nose Job

As always, Emily Blunt plastic surgery rumor start with her having nose job. There are a lot of rumors that saying she had rhinoplasty somewhere around her career journey. However, there is no exact evidence have been found.

So far, the changes on her nose is not that visible. Her nose still appears natural and she really does not need to go under the knife since her nose is already pointy enough. Thus, we really think that she has not done any nose job.

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Botox Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery

We all know that right now, Blunt is already in her early forties. This means, she must have some aging sign on her face. If you see some of her picture in the early thirties, you will notice that she has a few smile lines around her mouth area.

You will also notice that the smile lines today are not as deep anymore. This show that she might have use Botox injection. But she does not overuse the injection so the effect appears very natural. If you do not compare it with her old picture, you would not realize that she had the injection.

Dental veneer

When you see Blunt picture on a few years of her early career, you will notice that her teeth still appear natural. However, if you see her current teeth, you will notice that everything appears perfectly align and whiter in color.

This show that she uses dental veneer to improve the appearance of her teeth. It is very common thing used by celebrities so they will have charming smile that everyone loves.

As you can see, Emily Blunt plastic surgery really subtle and does not appear invasive. She still mostly natural with a few cosmetic enhancements that is not permanent. Thus, for now we can say that she does not interested in using plastic surgery. However, we need to see how she will handle other aging signs in the future.

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