Emily Kirby Plastic Surgery

Emily Kirby plastic surgery center available for consultation and reservation at Fort Worth, North Texas, United States. If you are looking for a professional and experienced surgeon to do your plastic surgery then surely Dr. Emily Kirby is the perfect choice.

Who is Dr. Kirby?

As a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kirby, she was apparently the first woman plastic surgery Chief in the largest hospital of Fort Worth, Texas Health Resources Harris Methodist hospital.

She was graduated and got her bachelor degrees in Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. Then she continued to study in Texas A&M University College of Medicine where she finally earned her MD (Medical Degree). She also apparently got a variety of awards from her research and even received scholarships.

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How to make a consultation in Emily Kirby plastic surgery center?

If you are considering to make an appointment with Dr. Kirby plastic surgery center then you can contact their Patient Care Coordinator, Jamie. You can chat her to get some guides to do your plastic surgery procedure.

She will give you essential information regarding your needs from start to finish. She also will help you to meet certain goals as well as get to know more about their facilities and the teams. Do not worry if you live far away or even out of town, because they also offer virtual consultation.

Here are some examples of consultation overview which you can have some opportunities to:

  • Review medical history because it is very important to understand more about your medical and surgical history before carrying out operations.This is for prevention if there is a risk of plastic surgery as well.
  • Schedule your surgery according to both available times.
  • Discuss both your plastic surgery procedure and recovery as well as what is need to be done after the surgery.
  • Details of the plastic surgery cost.
  • You can meet your surgery consultation team like Dr. Kirby herself, your patient care and also front desk teams.
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What are the procedures available in Kirby plastic surgery center?

There are several plastic surgery procedures available for you to apply according to your need and goal such as:

  1. Breast procedures

There are number of breast plastic surgeries that can be done like breast reduction, breast augmentation, fat transfer breast augmentation, reconstruction, breast lift, implant removal, male breast reduction surgery and lift with augmentation.

  1. Body contouring procedures

The procedures that available as follows: Tummy tuck, liposuction, Brazilian butt lift, mommy makeover (a procedure done for female after pregnancy), arm lift, thigh lift, bra line back lift, body contouring after weight lift, hair removal with laser, etc.

  1. Skin

This is a procedure which can make your skin prettier and healthier as well as younger and fuller. Some several procedures available such as dermal filler, botox, hydrafacial MD, sculptra aesthetic, laser skin resurfacing, etc.

  1. Face

The procedures can make your face more youthful and appear more rested. Plastic surgeries can be done for ear reshaping, lip rejuvenation, eyelid surgery, brow lift, cheek augmentation, and facial fat injections.

There are also non-surgical procedures to enhance your appearance. For more information just contact Emily Kirby plastic surgery center.

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