Foothills Plastic Surgery – Foothills Plastic Surgery is a facility that specialized in dermatology and various facial procedure. This facility is located in 7418 North La Cholla Boulevard, at Tucson in Arizona 85741.

The provider in this facility is determine to know you as a real person and not just a patient. That is because to get the best result you will need personalized care and that is the goal of the staff in this facility. So, most of the patients that went to this facility really appreciate the services that they get since it can meet their expectation and even exceed it.

Professional Surgeon in Foothills Plastic Surgery

A lot of professionals are working together in this facility to provides comprehensive care that their patients want. That way, you will feel a welcoming and warm environment from the first time you step into the facility.

When you visit this facility, you can see various expertise in plastic surgery field that can treat you with the latest technology. Furthermore, they are all already board certified as plastic surgeon so you should not have to worry. Some of the expert in this facility are:

  1. Orlick

Dr. Orlick is one of the cofounders of this facility that founded in 2007. She is an expert in dermatology that is specialized in treating pediatric patient. Of course, she also treats adult patient in various treatment including cosmetic, surgical and general dermatology.

  1. Dr Olson

Dr. Olson is also board certified and is an expert in facial plastic surgery. He is also one of the cofounders of Foothills Plastic Surgery. He had also been chosen by his fellow surgeon as best doctor.

  1. Dr Powell
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Even though Dr. Powell had just recently joined the facility in 2020 but you should not doubt her ability. She is specialized in dermatology and already certified by ABD.

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Treatments That You Can Get in Foothills

This facility provides various treatments that designed specially to treat patients. Furthermore, when you have consultation with the expert on this facility, they will be able to personalized the treatment for you. Some of the treatments includes:

  1. Facial plastic surgery

This treatment consists of several procedures that can help you achieve the facial shape that you want. You can have consultation with one of the surgeons in Foothills Plastic Surgery to get the right procedure that you need.

  1. Nonsurgical treatment

Besides having invasive procedures, there are also noninvasive procedures that you can do in the form of nonsurgical treatment.

  1. Dermatology treatment

This treatment can be done to address various problems that you have in your skin.

  1. Hair restoration

Those that have problems in their hair, can try to use this treatment to help them restore the condition of the hair.

Those are the treatments that you can get in the Foothills Plastic Surgery facility. The expert in this facility will be able to help you determine which procedure that you really need based on your condition. That way, you will get the best result using the right treatment that customized specially to treat your condition.

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