Fran Drescher Plastic Surgery – Having a career in America, Fran Drescher plastic surgery rumor is something that always haunting as if it is normal. No, actually such rumor is pretty normal in America, as all celebrities will surely get rumor about plastic surgery somewhere along their career.

Especially since Drescher had been in the entertainment industry for a long time. Thus, she must have heard such rumor a few times along her career history. Furthermore, with more friends that pay attention to her appearance, that means more people that talk about the rumor.

Fran Drescher Plastic Surgery The Nanny

Fran Drescher gain her fame from her role in a drama series The Nanny where she plays as Fran Fine. Her beautiful and funny role in the series really took everyone’s attention and makes her become popular.

However, popularity also come with consequences which is the rumor about her plastic surgery. Moreover, a lot of people start to pay attention to the changes in her appearance. Especially since her picture without any makeup got leaked through social media then people start to use the picture as before and after comparison.

A lot people said that she looked very different without any makeup on, thus people start suspecting that Fran Drescher plastic surgery had happened. Some media outlet also uses her picture to show people how the surgery had made her look different from before.

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Rhinoplasty rumor

One rumor that a lot of people said is about her nose. If you see the picture you would notice that now she has straighter nose with slimmer nose bridge. This is why people wonder whether she had got nose job in the past.

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Rhinoplasty is a procedure that can contour the nose and make it slimmer, pointier and more sculptured. As you can see, Fran Drescher nose right now is very slim and pointy which show that she might have done some nose job.

Botox rumor Fran Drescher plastic surgery

Currently, Fran Drescher is already in her sixties which means she is not as young as she was when she plays as the nanny. However, you can see that she still as beautiful as when she is in her thirties.

This is why, many people suspect that she might had use some Botox to maintain her look. Usually, people as old as Drescher would already have a lot of wrinkles on her face. But you could not see any wrinkles, fine lines, or crow feet on her face.

Botox is really amazing procedure that can help to reduce wrinkles on someone’s face. This is a non-invasive procedure thus, many people actually do not afraid to do it. Furthermore, as long as it is done correctly, the effect is actually very good.


So, does that means Fran Drescher plastic surgery really happened or not? For now, she never admits doing any procedure, thus we cannot be sure whether she really go under the knife or not.

Some of the changes on her appearance can also be done using makeup since she has professional makeup artist. So, you need to decide yourself whether it is true or not.

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