Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery

Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery – Everyone that knows Nirvana must know Kurt Cobain. That is why, Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery rumor is something that every fan should know. Especially since, Frances Cobain as the daughter of Kurt Cobain hold all the copyright of her late father.

Furthermore, she also has her own career and success. So, she also has her own fans. This is why, she gains attention from a lot of people. Not only her father’s fans but also from her own fans.

Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery Shocking Changes

As the daughter of Nirvana vocalist, Frances Cobain has received a lot of attention since she was young. She also often shows up in media through picture and videos in many occasions. That is why, she already famous ever since she was young.

She gains her own fame when she starts modeling for various magazines. One of her most iconic photograph is when she wore her father’s pajamas for a photoshoot for Elle magazine. After the picture went viral, her face is recognized by many Nirvana fans until today.

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The Changes in Her Face That Fans Notice

However, since a lot of people recognize her face, people become shocked when they see Frances Bean Cobain plastic surgery in before after picture. In the picture her face appears very different from when she was young.

Some people think that she might get the influence from her mom Courtney Love that also famous for her own plastic surgery. Thus, that might be the reason why Frances did not have any fear to do some work done since young.

First changes that people notice is how her lips change to be bigger and plumper. She used to have small and flat lips. But on her recent picture that is all change dramatically.

Another big changes that people notice on her face is for her chin. Since she was young, Frances is known for her round face. However, in recent year, her face shape changes to be oval instead. This show that she might have use some Frances Bean Cobain plastic surgery chin implants to make her chin appear pointy and change the shape of her face.

As other woman, Frances surely also want to feels more confident in her outfits. That might be the reason why she chooses to have breast augmentation. In various picture, we can see how the size of her breast has increased significantly.

One of the biggest changes in her face is on her nose. She used to have big and heavy nose. However, if you see her right now, you can clearly tell that she done rhinoplasty.

Her nose appears smaller and pointier which actually look good on her. With this new nose, she appears prettier as her nose match well with her pointy chin. This is a great change and hopefully she does not get tempted to change it as it might ruin the shape.


People can easily see from various picture that her face change a lot compared to when she was younger. However, she never admits of doing any Frances Bean Cobain plastic surgery before.

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