Gorin Plastic Surgery

www.plasticsurgery24.liveGorin Plastic Surgery is fully accredited facility that can provides various procedure as well as skin care service. The facility is very relaxing so patients can feel more comfortable when walking into the office.

The team is able to give each patient personalized touch which they deserved. The procedures that the client get will be tailored specifically for each client to meet their individualized needs. That way, each patient can have unique process to achieve the goal that they want.

Dr Gorin Plastic Surgery Qualification

The team is led by Dr Gorin who is born in Oregon. He graduated from University of Oregon with honors for his bachelor. Then he went his medical degree from the George Washington University.

After Dr Gorin graduate, he did his residency for 5 years in Boston for general surgery. Then it is followed by fellowship for 3 years in OHSU located in Portland for plastic and reconstructive surgery. He also holds board certification for plastic surgery from ABPS as well as member of ASAPS that shows his qualification in the field.

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Procedures Available

There are various procedures that you can get from Gorin Plastic Surgery and their team.

  1. Breast Augmentation

This procedure is one of the most common one in plastic surgery. there are hundreds of procedures performed each year and keep increasing. As patients, you will have a lot of options if you want to get bigger breast that fits your body. It can help you make your figure appear more feminine and increase your confidence.

  1. Tummy Tuck
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Tummy tuck is done to remove excess skins, fats, and stretch marks that usually comes after pregnancy. It is also followed by tightening abdominal muscle so it can become more contoured and sleeker. If you want to get more feminine figure with firmer and smoother core then this is the procedure that you need.

  1. Brazilian Butt Lift

Nowadays everyone want to have curvier backside inspired by celebrities such as J.Lo and Kim Kardashian. Brazilian Butt lift is a procedure that can help you to get rounded and beautiful backside. Even some celebrities are rumored to have one. This procedure will be done professionally in safe environment in Gorin Plastic Surgery.

  1. Liposuction

With liposuction you can remove fats deposit localized on certain areas. It also helps to smoothen and contour your proportion to appear more attractive. The procedure can be done to almost all area of your body such as stomach, bra line, back and hips area. you can achieve dramatic improvement by doing this natural looking and subtle change.

  1. Botox

Botox is a treatment for fine lines, frown lines and wrinkles that often disturb your appearance. It is one of the most popular method used in the market since it is non-invasive and very quick. The treatment can be done in 30 minutes and the injection will be done by the team expert injector.

No matter which procedure you want, you should try to get them from Gorin Plastic Surgery & Medspa center. They are one of the most popular facility that able to provide the best service in the field.

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