Hass Plastic Surgery & Medispa

Hass Plastic Surgery & Medispa

www.plasticsurgery24.live – Patients in Florida has uses service from Hass Plastic Surgery & Medispa for a long time. Especially since the doctors that lead this facility have win a lot of awards. They also hold board certification that shows their expertise in the field.

That is why, you do not need to have any doubt when trying their service. It is better to schedule a date for your consultation first before your visit since a lot of patients have booked the doctors way before their visit date.

Hass Plastic Surgery & Medispa Best Team of Doctors

The facility is started around 23 years ago by Dr Andrea and Dr Brian Hass that decides to move to Palm Beach to create premiere facility. They believe that the business job is not only to provide service to increase the patients’ beauty but also to increase their self-esteem.

With the help that you get from the Doctors and team, they want you to feel better and become confident about any of the physical insecurity you had. They also believe that the transformation can give positive affect not only on the patient’s life but also on the interpersonal interaction.

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Procedure Available in The Facility

There are many kinds of services that is provided by Hass Plastic Surgery & Medispa. All of those services are given to you by the best specialist in the cosmetic surgery field. The services include:

  1. Facial Surgery

This procedure is dedicated for those who want to change some features on their face. This procedure can also help to reduce aging sign on women and men. Some of the procedure might also be done to achieve dual purpose.

The procedure provided in the facility includes rhinoplasty, face lift, blepharoplasty, neck lift, otoplasty, brow lift, chin implant, lip augmentation, neck and chin liposuction, scar revision and skin cancer reconstruction.

  1. Breast Surgery

Both men and woman can be unhappy with the appearance of their breast which will affect their self-confident. But do not worry as there are a few procedures that you can use to make the condition better.

The procedure can help to reposition, resize, or reshape your breast to achieve the result that you desire. The procedures include breast reduction, breast augmentation, mastopexy and gynecomastia.

  1. Body Sculpting

Body sculpting in Hass Plastic Surgery & Medispa can be done for both women and men to reshape and slim out specific area on the body. It is done by removing the excess fat that will improve the contour and proportion of the body.

If you want to optimize the recovery time, then the procedure can be performed along other surgeries. The procedure includes liposuction, coolsculpting, abdominoplasty, ThermiVa, mommy makeover and ThermiTight.

  1. Male Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery on men must be perform while still maintaining the masculine characteristic. It is something that is considered by the doctors so you should not have to worry. Furthermore, they are able to help you achieve the cools that you want.

Those are the procedures that you can get in Hass Plastic Surgery & Medispa. Besides plastic surgery, the facility also provides various Medispa experience that is noninvasive.

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