Henry Ford Plastic Surgery

Henry Ford Plastic Surgery

Those who want to request for plastic surgery in order to enhance your look might consider Henry Ford Plastic Surgery center as well. They can help you alter your appearance with the safest and most advanced technologies and of course expert surgeons and staffs ready to serve your need.

You can access wide range of surgical and non-surgical procedures with affordable cost. Before you committed to go under the knife, you can request for some consultation with the surgeon. They will give you some information and insight about the procedure that you really need.

Henry Ford Plastic Surgery procedures available

To boost your self confidence and enhance your appearance, you can ask Henry Ford surgery department to perform one or even several of all these procedures such as:

  1. Face and neck

If you irritated with your aging signs like wrinkles of shaggy skins then you can ask for face and neck surgery. There are also many surgery options to refresh and soften your appearance whether it is on your facial, neck or your entire facial area.

You can choose to have facial reconstruction to treat facial trauma, injury and even paralysis. There is also facial rejuvenation such as facelift, brow lift, eyelid lift, neck lift, etc to refresh your look or to alter your appearance.

  1. Breast

For women and men, breast surgery might be a difficult decision to have but if you feel that you want to reshape or change some aspect of your breast then you can have this type of procedure. There is breast augmentation, breast reconstruction or lift, breast reduction for men and women, etc.

  1. Body contouring

If you want to achieve your body goals but cannot do it with exercise or hard diet alone then you can try to get body contouring procedure. There is tummy tuck, arm lift, body lift, breast lift, body shaping surgery, and many more to help reshape your look or changes some things.

The methods of body contouring procedure are varied depending on the desired outcome or the area of your body which you want to change. For example, there are laser surgery method, cool sculpting, liposuction, injection and cosmetic surgery available. Just ask your surgeon which method is the best used for your procedure.

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  1. Skin repair and care

If you feel that your skin needs to be treated from all the blemish then you can try skin repair and care procedure from Henry Ford Health Plastic Surgery center. They provide skin disorders treatments caused by burn, keloids, and vitiligo. Furthermore, they also offer skin care to treat skin discoloration and aging signs as well as reversing the effect of sun damage.

  1. Fillers

Filler treatment which is a type of non-surgical procedure is also available like Botox or fillers injection. Other than that, there are also Radiesse, Dysport, Juvederm, Perlane, and so on. For the details of these treatments, you can ask and contact the plastic surgery center.

All of these procedures offered by Henry Ford Plastic Surgery can be delivered for you by visiting their center. Hope this little information help you to determine which of the procedure really required to bring your desired result.

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