Hidradenitis Suppurativa Plastic Surgery

Hidradenitis Suppurativa Plastic Surgery

www.plasticsurgery24.live – Hidradenitis suppurativa plastic surgery is a procedure that can be used as a way to reconstruct the appearance of affected area. Hidradenitis suppurativa also known as HS itself is a disease that affect the skin.

The patients that is affected by this disease will have swollen and inflamed lumps on their skin. The lumps are very painful and when opened or break, it will release pus or fluid. Usually, this disease will affect under the breast area, underarms area and groin area.

Even today, the cause of HS is unknown since many experts keep arguing about the proposed causes of the condition. However, some believed that the disease might happen from combination of environmental factors with the patients’ genetic.

The diseases usually affected area that has hair follicles. Some research believe that the lump is formed because of blocked glands by hair follicles or dysfunctional of several glands. Other external factor is said to trigger condition although there are still debates among experts.

The one that disturbed a lot of people with this disease is not only the pain but also the scar tissue that remains even after the wound is healed. It is very rare but sometimes the scar can develop into skin cancer.

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The treatments that is done will be different for each patient including the hidradenitis suppurativa plastic surgery. The doctor will consider the severity and the presentation of the disease before making decision on which treatment they use.

However, there is not enough research on this disease. This makes the effectiveness of treatments done to the patients becomes unclear. So far, some of the treatments are effective for some patients while other does not seems to get the same result.

Another treatment that can be done is hair removal using laser with 1064-nm wavelength. There is study that describe the improvement in patients with HS lesions using this method. If the disease is chronic then surgical excision might be done as part of the treatment.

Hidradenitis Suppurativa Plastic Surgery

Once the HS is fully healed, patients will be left with scar on their skin. The reason is because the affected area cannot heal by itself. The scar size is varied according to the size of the affected area.

To heal the affected skin area hidradenitis suppurativa plastic surgery can be use as part of the treatment. There are two types of plastic surgery that can be done. The first one in skin graft which is a plastic surgery that is done to transplant skin tissue from other area into the affected area.

Another option that can be done is perforator flap reconstructive surgery. in this reconstructive plastic surgery, the affected area will be reconstructed and covered using tissue from nearby area. Both options can be done to the patients according to their skin conditions.

This disease is not widely researched, thus researcher still uncertain about the effectiveness of the treatments use on HS. However, the hidradenitis suppurativa plastic surgery procedure is done after the affected area is healed. They are also done to remove the scar and reconstruct the appearance of the affected area. It is an external treatment that can be solution to those that are affected by the appearance of their skin.

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