Hilger Plastic Surgery

Hilger Plastic Surgery

Hilger plastic surgery center focused on facial procedure to enhance your beauty. The center is located in Minneapolis and has experience for more than 30 years in plastic surgery. Their goal is to increase patient appearance that works harmoniously and naturally with patient’s existing facial features.

Furthermore, they offer the best surgeons in both facial plastic and reconstructive procedure. The first one is Dr. Peter Hilger who has been performing his duty as facial surgeon in Minnesota for more than 25 years. And then there is Dr. Sofia Lyford-Pike who is also a skilled facial and reconstructive plastic surgeon.

What kind of procedures available in Hilger Plastic Surgery center?

Here is some list of procedures available in Dr. Hilger facial surgery center such as:

  1. Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a surgery for eyelids and usually the procedure is being done by removing extra fat, skin and muscle that appear around the eyes area. People who have aging signs usually will suffer from shaggy skins or under eye-bags around their eyes and with this surgery, they can remove it.

  1. Brow lift/forehead lift

The brow lift or forehead lift help the skins around the brow and forehead tighter and it can help to remove wrinkles and shaggy skins around those area. It helps to give more youthful look and relaxed appearance.

In Hilger brow lift surgery, they use endoscopic in the form of small camera to change and realignment the soft tissue on the brow and forehead line. And thus, make those parts appear younger by removing the lines.

  1. Nose job

Nose job or rhinoplasty is a procedure that help to reshape patient’s nose size and form. It is because not everyone is satisfied with the shape of their nose. Some people probably thinking their nose shape is too large, big or even too small or it has a nose bump that look ugly. With nose job, patients can request to have a better nose shape according to their taste.

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  1. Face lift

Aging is a process that no one can avoid especially when they are getting older. The aging signs of course will appear as a result of you getting older. Wrinkles, crow’s feet and shaggy skins are several examples of aging signs that can be removed using plastic surgery.

For example, you can request for face lift to get rid shaggy skins or excess fat both in neck and face. It will reduce and even eliminate visible signs of aging and make those area look tighter. It allows people to take back their smooth skin just like a newborn baby.

  1. Other facial surgeries

There are so many facial surgeries that can be done in Hilger such as chin augmentation, ear surgery, lip augmentation, neck lift, facial augmentation with fat transfer, lip lift, cheek implants, dermabrasion, and many more.

The best thing about Hilger plastic surgery center when performing facial surgery procedure is that they use 3D and video imaging to help patient see their options in real-time. Because words sometime are not enough to describe what the patient really need.

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