Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery

Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery

As a public figure who often appears on media then rumors about Hillary Clinton plastic surgery are not that surprising. And if you see her old photos with her recent appearance, then you will probably speculate some of cosmetic procedures that she has done.

Of course, there is no official statement from this famous politician when she got interviewed regarding possible cosmetic procedures, but still, that does not stop the rumors going around until today.

Hillary Clinton plastic surgery rumors, true or false?

As a famous American politician, many rumors always around Hillary Clinton as so does rumor about her went to plastic surgery. Some speculations arise that she went under the knife to get better appearance and younger look such as:

  1. Hillary Clinton Botox injection

There is speculation that Hillary had some work done for her forehead, eyes and her neck by injected Botox. This procedure used to get rid lines and wrinkles as result of aging signs. And since Hillary is already in her 70s, then it is not surprising that signs of aging will appear.

However, despite being in old age, Hillary has minimal to no aging signs on her forehead and around her eyes thus many people speculated her that she maybe got some Botox injection to remove all of that. Hillary Clinton Botox injection appears to be successful since she still looks naturally good.

  1. Hillary Clinton Facelift

Botox can be completed with facelift procedure to get rid shaggy skin around face due to being old. It can help to tighten the jaw and cheeks or remove excess fat and loose skin on the face and even neck. Usually, people in their old age will suffer from turkey neck or double chin and with facelift, it can be removed.

The rumor surfaced when many people saw the difference before, during and after her campaign. You can also notice that before the campaign, she looks older and her face looks shaggy especially her cheek. But now her shaggy skins on her cheek looks tighter than before which indicate some facelift.

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  1. Eyelid and neck lift

These two procedures can be done to complete other surgeries such as Botox injection and facelift. The goal is to maintain youthful look and remove all signs of aging. You can also see such result on Hillary Clinton neck and around her eyes which have no signs of aging at all despite her being in her 70s. This is why, many people assumed that she has done some works on her neck and eye.

The surprising thing about all of these speculations is that she herself request to have mini operating room in her own house instead of going to hospital or plastic surgery clinic. Some people said that Hillary set up a mini operating room with the latest and modern medical equipment.

It seems hilarious when read or hear about this kind of thing because it is recommended to have plastic surgery procedures to be performed in hospital or plastic surgery center with accredited facilities plus strict rules.

However, if the rumor about Hillary Clinton plastic surgery is true, then she set up those things probably to get more privacy. What do you think?

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