Imperial Plastic Surgery

www.plasticsurgery24.liveImperial Plastic Surgery can treat various conditions and has wide range of procedures for people that require plastic surgery or reconstruction surgery. Their facilities are located in St Mary’s hospitals as well as at a clinic that located in Charing Cross. They are known as the best and part of NHS UK.

This treatment center has a lot of expert in plastic surgery industry as well as team that are also academics that study in Imperial College London. They are well known internationally and nationally. They also recognized as facility that provides the best reconstruction surgery in UK.

Imperial Plastic Surgery for Reconstructive Treatments

The facility in St Mary’s hospitals is specifies for trauma reconstruction surgery. meanwhile the clinic that located in Charing Cross is specifies for elective reconstruction surgery. Both facilities are known to have the best performance rate all across the country. One of the examples is the complex reconstruction procedure in transferring tissues from a part of the patient’s body to the other part which has 99% success rates.

This facility specifically provide service for cancer patients with reconstruction surgery. This process is part of the team’s multidisciplinary approach for various areas such as skin cancer, neck and head as well as breast treatment. The facility run over 250 number of reconstruction surgery every year and known as one of the busiest reconstructive service.

There are various reconstructive services that are done such as breast reconstruction with free flaps procedure using DIEP technique that can go around 200 surgeries a year. There are also reconstructive services for legs, arms, and hands that is done after injuries. This facility provides around 120 reconstructive treatment every year for fractures with open limb.

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Imperial Plastic Surgery also provide treatment for both adults and children that need reconstruction. Usually those patients have injuries that affect their upper limbs and hands which includes nerve problems and wrist problem.

You will also find specialist clinics in the facility that can treat scars. There is also clinic for skin lesions as well as laser clinic. If you need private treatment, you can go to Imperial Private Healthcare that also provides cosmetic as well as reconstructive treatments.

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Treatments Provided in The Facility

  1. Abdominal wall reconstruction

This surgery is done to patients that experience problems in abdominal walls. Usually it is caused by a traumatic injury or from their illness for example cancer. Each patient that come to the facility will be investigate to determine their key problems before planning the treatments.

  1. Breast reconstruction

Imperial Plastic Surgery has facility that specialized in complex reconstruction using free flap procedure and micro surgery.

  1. Carpal tunnel

There is a clinic in the facility that is dedicated specifically for this condition to provide solution for patients with the syndrome.

  1. Facial reconstruction

The facility has multidisciplinary service to treat patients with various facial deformity.

  1. Scar

There is a facility that can treat various scar type especially keloid scars. The treatment can be done using surgery or steroid injections.

Those are some of the treatments provided by Imperial Plastic Surgery which specialized in reconstructive treatments.

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