Jailyne Ojeda Plastic Surgery

Jailyne Ojeda Plastic Surgery

Jailyne Ojeda plastic surgery has been surfaced on internet since long ago. Some people speculated that the Mexican-American social media influencer received some surgeries to alter her appearance. It is not surprising that there are people who doubted her appearance is pure natural since she has a flawless body which seems impossible to gain only with diet and exercise.

How about you? Do you believe that the model and influencer really went under the knife? Below are some plastic surgery rumors that surfaced among people and even some of her fans.

Jailyne Ojeda Plastic Surgery speculations: true or false?

As a model, Jailyne Ojeda should maintain her perfect body anytime. She has managed to keep her strong influence with her talents and of course, her good look. With more than 14 million followers on Instagram, she needs to make sure that her appearance in videos that she always uploaded on her Instagram stay attractive. And she has done amazing jobs to do that for years.

However, this caused some people suggest that she bought artificial changes to her body. Many people disbelieve that her body is 100 percent natural by comparing her before and after Jailyne Ojeda plastic surgery.

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  • Butt implant

It is true that she like to shares her diet and workouts secrets to her followers. But some people speculated that her body area especially her buttock received some implant to make it looks larger. Her old photos apparently showing that her buttock area was not that big compared than her recent photos.

This caused some people commented that she is a liar and even not few people said her diet and workout routine claims are hoax.

In her defense, the influencer shared post on her Instagram that reveal her transformation from teenager to an adult. She emphasized that she had always been matured since she was young and she also said some people like to edit her photos to make her appearance appear unnatural. She confirmed that the before and after plastic surgery which surfaced on the internet were all fake.

  • Jailyne Ojeda Nose job

Even though she did not want to admit that she went under the knife for some butt implant. However, she shared to her followers that once she has botched nose job surgery. She claimed that she had suicidal thoughts during that past event. She even claimed that 2017 was the worst year for her because her facial got a failed nose job or rhinoplasty that caused her to fell into depression.

She told the followers on her YouTube post that the surgeon and the staff who done her nose job surgery, conduct it without proper consultation. And she revealed after surgery was done, the surgeon and the assistant kept putting her back to sleep.

Fortunately, seems that Jailyne Ojeda managed to move on from the tragedy because now her facial appearance keeps getting better. She looks more beautiful with slim and curved body that can make others feel jealous. After read all this info, do you still believe Jailyne Ojeda plastic surgery is just a rumor or it is really happened? Tell us here!

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