Jandali Plastic Surgery

Jandali Plastic Surgery

You can choose to visit Jandali Plastic Surgery to guarantee your natural looking results since they combine advanced techniques with high technology performed by board-certified surgeon. Dr. Jandali has been practicing his skill and experiences in plastic surgery for both reconstructive and cosmetic purposes.

Since 2011, he already gained many patients who left outstanding testimonies and reviews which you can find here or other websites. He is not only be able to treat adult patients, but also children after trained in Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

About Jandali Plastic Surgery treatments

As a top surgery who specialized in breast reconstruction, facial rejuvenation, body contouring, liposuction, etc. He and his staff offer various type of surgery and non-surgery treatments such as:

  1. Breast surgery

What to look for when choosing surgeon to perform breast surgery is whether they understand the patient’s dream of wanting to have breast shape and size according to their like. In Jandali surgery clinic, you can consult with the surgeon to address your breast issues.

Some people want to reshape their breast either make them larger or smaller. And some need breast surgery for health purposes. Whatever your reason, you can request breast surgery to Dr. Jandali including breast augmentation, reduction, breast lift, breast implant, breast reconstruction, male breast reduction, inverted nipple correction, and even breast surgery dedicated for transgender.

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  1. Body surgery

People who want to have a nice body shape but could not done that even after did healthy diet and exercises thus can option to do body surgery. This is a surgical procedure that can be done to men and women and it is available in wide range of treatment.

Examples of body surgery available in Jandali Connecticut Plastic Surgery are tummy tuck, mommy makeover, labiaplasty and coolscuplting. These procedures can help you to alter your appearance with body goal that you desire.

  1. Feminine rejuvenation

The goal of feminine rejuvenation is mostly to reshape, reduce or tighten female genital tissues. Make it firmer and even more youthful plus symmetrical in appearance. It is because after certain things such as child bearing, aging and hormonal changes, all these events can affect the way female genital tissues appear. So, to help restore it to its original shape or even make it better, you can request feminine rejuvenation procedure.

Examples of procedures available such as labiaplasty, thermiVa Vaginal tightening, labial puff injections, vaginal PRP shot, Viveve, urinary incontinence treatment and emsella.

  1. Reconstructive surgery

Reconstructive surgery is a treatment to restore your body after disease, injury or because of defects you naturally have when you are born. Some of reconstructive surgery available in Jandali clinic including earlobe repair, mole removal, abdominal hernia repair, skin cancer reconstruction, scar removal and scar revision.

  1. Non-surgical treatments

Furthermore, if you planning to have non-surgical procedure to treat your skins, then they also have skincare treatments or non-surgical rejuvenation. You can request procedures like dermal fillers, Botox injection, chemical peels, laser treatment, microdermabrasion and miradry. Contact Jandali Plastic Surgery office for more information regarding the later treatments.

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