Katey Sagal Plastic Surgery

www.plasticsurgery24.live – As an actress and song writer, rumor about Katey Sagal plastic surgery is not a new thing. This rumor already spread out ever since she was young and famous from her role in “Married with Children”.

In the show, she plays Peggy Bundy and she rose to fame instantly. Since then various rumor start to spread out and one of them is about various jobs that she might had under the knife. It is a normal thing since entertainment industry is full of this rumor.

Katey Sagal Plastic Surgery Rumor About Breast Implant

One of the early rumors about Katey Sagal is about her breast implant. Some people notice how her chest size changes dramatically. The size of her breast seems to be bigger and her thin waistline makes the changes more obvious.

Thus, people start to think that she might have use breast implant to increase her size. It seems like the changes brings out positive impact on her since she becomes more confident. She also wears dresses with low neckline that show her new ladies more often.

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When you see Katey’s picture on the early years of her career, you can see that her nose is a prominent feature on her face. However, if you see her current photos, you will notice that her nose is more refined.

The bridge of her nose is smaller and the tip also becomes higher. Thus, many people think that she might have done a nose job to achieve it. Rhinoplasty is a very easy procedure and many celebrities had it including Katey.

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The rumor about Katey Sagal plastic surgery facelift start around 2006. From her before and after picture, many people see obvious changes on her face. Katey’s face appear smoother and refined with less wrinkles.

Facelift is a common surgery that is done by people her age. The reason might be because it is very hard to remove the wrinkles and have smoother skin only using makeup. Thus, to get youthful look that she wants, she has to use facelift.

Eyebrow lift

This change is actually pretty obvious if you see Katey’s picture on her early days and today’s picture. Her current eyebrow line seems to be higher than her early days that shows she might have done eyebrow lift.

This Katey Sagal plastic surgery procedure can help to reduce the wrinkles around her forehead and eyebrow area. As you can see, her skins appear smooth and flawless which show that she really use great surgeon to do the procedure.

Katey Sagal Plastic Surgery Botox

As someone that is already in her late sixties, it seems that Katey’s skin are lacking a lot of aging signs. There are less wrinkles on her face compared to other people her age. In fact, her skin seems to appear youthfull and rejuvenate.

Compared to her younger self, the frown on the forehead also seems to disappear. This is a big sign that she uses Botox to smoothen her skin. This injection also helps to prevent wrinkles formation.


Many people speculate about Katey Sagal plastic surgery since there is no exact statement on her. Thus, we will never know whether she really did the surgery or not.

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