Katty Kay Plastic Surgery

www.plasticsurgery24.live – As journalist that presented news rumor about Katty Kay plastic surgery is understandable since she become more popular every day. However, with popularity, it seems that it makes her become self-cautious about her look.

That might be the reason why she gone under the knife to make herself appear youthful and preserved her appearance. Of course, this is just a rumor since we do not know the truth and she does not want to tell the public everything. But let see the transformation that become the base of this rumor.

Katty Kay Plastic Surgery Journey

You should know that Katty Kay is already in her late fifties. However, you might not know that if you only look at her appearance. Even today she still looks pretty and her appearance makes her look 20 years younger.

That is why many people believed that she might have done some procedure to alter the time. Usually people her age would have wrinkle around her face and neck. But as you can see from her before and after picture, there is no sign of wrinkle at all on her.

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One of the procedures that can be use to remove wrinkles is Botox. This is a non-invasive procedure that will inject Botox so the muscle cannot move. That way, the muscle would not form any wrinkle that you often see on the forehead, around the eyes and mouth area.

As you can see Kay has very smooth face. There is no frown lines and wrinkles around her face. This show that she might have use Botox injection to remove those wrinkles and other aging sign around her face. The result is amazing since she looks much younger compared to her age.

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Neck lift Katty Kay Plastic Surgery

Besides the face area, neck is another area where people experience the sign of aging. As people gets old, their neck will become saggy and there would be a lot of wrinkles forming that makes them appear old.

But as you can see, Kay’s neck is still smooth without any sign of aging. Her neck area also seems to have minimum wrinkle which is not possible remembering her age. That is why, a lot of people consider that she might uses neck lift procedure to cope with this condition.

Eye lift

Besides Botox, she might also use Katty Kay plastic surgery eye lift surgery. this procedure is done to lift the eyes area that becomes droopy and closed as someone age. These eyes are not only made someone looks old but also makes it hard to see things.

Since Kay is a presenter, she might find some difficulties reading with her droopy eyes. That is why, she might decide to do eye lift surgery to help her with the condition. As you can see, Kay’s eyes are still wide without any sign of droopy which show that she might have done the procedure.


As you can see, there are a lot of Katty Kay plastic surgery done to help her maintain her look. It is understandable that she would not admit any of that as it may affect her career.

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