Kirsten Dunst Plastic Surgery

Kirsten Dunst plastic surgery is always become a hot debate even till today. Who doesn’t know Kirsten Dunst? This beautiful actress is known for her beautiful face and extraordinary acting in the Spiderman movie as Peter Parker’s girlfriend. Apart from that, she has also starred in many other famous films.

Her beautiful face raises a lot of questions among fans and surgeons alike. They think that the actress did plastic surgery to make her face look more attractive as well as to get more proportional body. It is undeniable that Kirsten Dunst has a sexy body. Especially now that she already reached her 40 years old. Her face still looks fresh and there are no visible aging signs.

What do you think? Do you also think she is going under the knife?

Kirsten Dunst plastic surgery rumors: true or false?

There are so many rumors about Kirsten Dunst going under the knife and that’s not only about her beautiful face, but also her body shape.

Many people and even fans speculate that Kirsten Dunst went breast plastic surgery. The Spiderman actress appeared to have more defined and larger boobs than before thus people believe she had augmentation procedure.

Whether it is true or not, Kirsten Dunst herself did not want to admit it when she was asked straightforwardly during some interview. She said that her breast looks larger naturally and during some filming, she also needed to wear cushioned bra to make her appearance better.

  • Rhinoplasty

Some people also believe that the rumor of Kirsten Dunst nose job was true because if you take a look closely on her before after photos then you can see the difference. If you try to observe her old pictures and comparing it now, then the shape of her nose looks smaller and sharper than before.

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Do you think it because of edited pictures or did she really transform because of rhinoplasty procedure?

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  • Teeth procedure

Kirsten Dunst also popularly known to have uneven teeth before. If you observe carefully when watching her old movies or films then you can clearly see that she has overlapping front teeth. When interviewed, she openly admitted that she wanted to have straighter and asymmetry teeth and so without a doubt many people speculate and predict that she went under the knife for aesthetic dental care.

We do not know whether it is considered as plastic surgery or not but her today’s teeth look better now compared than before. Kirsten Dunst teeth procedure made her large and overlapping front teeth looks smaller and straighter now. The modification clearly helps her to have more enchanting and lovely smile today. It seems also boost her confidence due to have a better appearance.

That’s it some information regarding Kirsten Dunst plastic surgery. What do you think? Do you agree that the actress really went under the knife or not? If yes, then what kinds of surgery she probably has? You can tell us your thought whether you think that Kirsten Dunst has plastic surgery below!

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