Lakeview Plastic Surgery

www.plasticsurgery24.liveLakeview Plastic Surgery is the best facility in Chicago area that is known to give optimal result for the patients. This facility is located at Lakeview and lead by Dr Alison Shore that is very well known for fresh and simple approach.

Dr Shore make sure that all transformation that the patients experience is all about them. she is also very passionate with artistic ability that makes her aesthetic and reconstructive surgery result amazing. She also has extensive experience throughout her career that allows her to give highest care level.

Lakeview Plastic Surgery Outlook and Philosophy

  1. Restoring

Reconstructive procedure is done following cancer surgical treatment, traumatic accidents, or acquired and congenital condition. The goal is to improve the appearance, function and the patient’s quality of life.

Dr Shore is experienced in treating a lot of patients that has breast cancer. She is very dedicated and offer wide range of reconstructive surgery with varied techniques to help the patient feel comfortable.

  1. Rejuvenating

Dr Shore believe that individuality of the patients should always be embraced when it comes to plastic surgery. that is why she always offer procedure that able to enhance the patient’s appearance to regain youthful and refreshed look while still retaining natural look.

The goal is providing result that are natural looking and harmonious while still maintaining the patient’s individuality. That means she would not change the elements that is the signature of each patient.

  1. Personal

As the medical industry become more complex, they also become less personalized. But Lakeview Plastic Surgery is different. The facility is designed to be intimate and small so the patients will be comfortable during their visit.

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The facility is located on 7th floor so the patients will be able to see beautiful scenery of downtown Chicago. There is only one consultation room in the facility so each patient will have full attention from the team during visit.

  1. Commitment

Dr Shore is committed to give the patients the very best to ensure them having good understanding of the procedures that is selected for their treatments. Together with the patients she will try to develop the best plant that suitable for their goals and needs.

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Procedure Available

  1. Body procedure

These procedures are specially designed in helping patients to reshape and restore their body contour naturally.

  1. Breast procedure

Procedures from Lakeview Plastic Surgery are designed specially to help improving the size and shape of the breast.

  1. Skin care

This procedure is done to help keeping healthy- and fresh-looking skin.

  1. Face procedure

There are various face procedures that can be done in the facility. For example, eyelid lift surgery which can help to refresh the appearance of your eyes by removing aging sign. There is also ear surgery that is done by correcting defects on the ear to create a more natural appearance.

  1. Non-Surgical

There are a few non-surgical procedures which can help to turn back the time and reduce aging sign.

Those are the procedures available at Lakeview Plastic Surgery that can be personalized according to the patients need by having consultation with Dr Shore.

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