Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery – As career increased so does Lana Del Rey plastic surgery rumor. Lana is a successful American singer who works so hard for her career for decades. She was known as Lizzy Grant where she becomes a sensation through her EP.

After the success suddenly she changes her name and rewrote her story all over again. But that does not mean she has to start from scratch. Instead her new appearance manages to attract a lot of people who are curious about her music and her beauty.

Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery Transformation

Lana changes start from her music. A lot of people love Lizzy since she appears genuine, raw and authentic. However, Lana might not love this since she completely transforms herself and becomes the current Lana Del Rey.

The current Lana is different from Lizzy, she is complete, professional and fully produced unlike her old self. However, her transformation is not only stopped at her music. It seems that she also wants to change her brand by changing her image. And to achieve that, she might have done some procedures.

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Lana’s New Lips

One of the most noticeable Lana Del Rey plastic surgery changes in her appearance can be seen on Lana’s lips. It seems that she uses some lips injection. Her old lips used to be thin especially on the upper lips. But if you see her before and after appearance, you will notice how her lips are getting bigger.

She looks amazing with her new juicy lips which also makes her appear more kissable. She might also get the inspiration from the current big lips trend that everyone has in Hollywood. Surely her works in entertainment industry means she have to follow the trend to fit in.

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Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty

Another thing that a lot of celebrities done is rhinoplasty procedure to change the appearance of their nose. You can see this exact change happen to Lana as well since her nose looks different from when she first debut.

However, the changes seem to be done sometime along her debut time to her current transformation as Lana. But you can see her complete transformation, her nose currently is smaller and sharper. The tips also seem to be pointier as the bridge shape becomes thinner.

Nasolabial Folds

Comparing her old picture with her current picture, you will see that her nasolabial folds also becomes smaller. This might be because she uses better skincare that can prevent wrinkles around her mouth area.

But this change might also come from aging sign that makes her cheeks smaller and less puffy. There is another possibility that she might be using Lana Del Rey plastic surgery implants on the nasolabial folds to remove them. It is a common procedure done especially since she is already in her late thirties.


You can clearly see the changes on Lana appearance from when she was younger. However, the changes might be because she wants to transform her image fully and create a new and stronger image for her music. She has not admit doing any Lana Del Rey plastic surgery procedure at all until now.

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