Lisalisad1 Plastic Surgery

Lisalisad1 Plastic Surgery

www.plasticsurgery24.liveLisalisad1 plastic surgery is pretty popular topic especially on gossip site that loves to talk about this kind of thing. But it is understandable as Lisa is very famous and she actually use her beautiful appearance as her brand.

Furthermore, Lisa actually not that young anymore, so more and more people talk about how she can achieve that appearance in her current age. This obviously trigger several people to say that she uses the help of plastic surgery to achieve that look.

Lisalisad1 Plastic Surgery Journey

For those that does not know, Lisa is a blogger and also a YouTuber that specialized in reviewing and talking about beauty product. Her channel is named Lisalisad1 and already has millions of views.

As a beauty YouTuber it is understandable that she is always under pressure to appear beautiful. That might be the reason why she undergoes several procedures that changes her appearance throughout her career.

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Nose Job

The first procedure that she has done is nose job. This is very apparent from the shape of her nose that change over the year. You can see from Lisalisad1 Plastic Surgery that her nose appears more chiseled than before. The tip of her nose also appears pointier and slimmer since it has been sculptured.


Lisa already in her fifties right now and surely the sign of aging started a few years ago. However, as you can see, she still appears young and pretty even in this age. That is because she has done Lisalisad1 plastic surgery blepharoplasty procedure.

With this procedure, she can repair her droopy eyelids by removing fats, muscle and excess skin around her eyes. Because of this procedure, her eyes appear more open and wider that makes her look younger.

Lisalisad1 Plastic Surgery Botox Injection

Another sign of aging that does not appear on her face is wrinkles. As someone ages, wrinkles start to appear usually around the age of thirties. However, even in her fifties, Lisa does not have any wrinkles in her face. The reason is because she had use Botox injection to remove all of the wrinkles and any aging sign around her face.

Injectables Fillers

As someone age, they usually lose a lot of fats around their face especially on their lips and cheeks area. But if you see Lisa before and after picture, she still has full face that does not sag or flat.

The reason is because she has use injectables fillers to fill her cheek and make it look full and plump. She also uses Lisalisad1 plastic surgery on her lips to make it appear bigger and sexier. This is a common procedure that everyone uses and she also use it.


As you can see Lisa already use a lot of plastic surgery procedure to enhance her appearance. Fortunately, she actually admits that she actually does all of those procedures. She also documented all of the experience through the vlog that you can see in her YouTube Channel.

She also said that she regrets doing some of the Lisalisad1 plastic surgery procedure she did before. But she also said that she will still do again but differently and subtler than before.

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