Longwood Plastic Surgery

www.plasticsurgery24.live – Longwood Plastic Surgery is already in the industry for 15 years which show how good they are in this field. When all of the surgeons’ experience are combined, they accumulate to more than 40 years of experience.

They have long records of plastic surgery procedure that show how good the service that they give to the patients. The team give a lot of attention to the patients which treated with understanding and respect.

Longwood Plastic Surgery

The team will always try to give each patient individual focus and unique solution for all of their concern. They also have high emphasis on respecting the privacy of the patients and make sure that they are comfortable under their care.

There are a few surgeons on the facility all with amazing resume and experience on their record that show their qualification. The surgeons are:

  1. Dr Morris

He holds board certification in plastic surgery and qualification for hand surgery. He is also member of ASPS and complete his training from Harvard program and member of Harvard Medical School.

Dr Morris has long experience in various area of plastic surgery even before Longwood Plastic Surgery. His specification is breast reconstruction and able to revise and reconstruct even the hardest case. He has strong emphasized on aesthetic surgery with expertise in breast lift and breast augmentation.

  1. Dr Reformat

He is also board certified and feels very fortunate since he is able to practice on field that uses not only medicine knowledge but also art. He graduates from New York University and has long experience for reconstructive surgery, aesthetic surgery, microsurgery as well as hand surgery. He is very interested in torso and facial cosmetic surgery, face reconstructive surgery, as well as gender confirmation procedure.

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Surgery Service in the Facility

Longwood Plastic Surgery provides a few procedures that can help to reach any goals that you want. Here are some of the procedures available:

  1. Reconstructive surgery

This surgery is intended for those that has injury, congenital defect, tumor or past trauma that impact negatively on the function of your body and your self-confidence. There are various techniques that can be use to help reconstruct the injected area while minimizing scarring and pain as well as recovery time. This surgery is not only for functional purposes but also for aesthetic purpose.

  1. Aesthetic surgery

There are countless patients that come to the facility with goals to improve their appearance and the quality of their life. With aesthetic procedure you can get sculptured look using wide range of surgery. The surgery can give dramatic change while still appear as natural as possible.

  1. Surgeries for men

This surgery is dedicated to help men with various condition that might affect their self-confidence. There are various options that men can use to enhance their aesthetic appearance. Some of the surgeries such as liposuction, gynecomastia, as well as body contouring.

Those are some of the procedures available in Longwood Plastic Surgery that you can use to enhance your appearance. Since the surgeon in the facility really have great experience, you might want to have consultation to get more information from them.

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