MAE Plastic Surgery

If you want to schedule a consultation for your first step on your plastic surgery journey then you may want to consider contacting MAE plastic surgery. It is a surgery center managed by professional surgeon, Dr. Michael Epstein and his team. They have been years doing this and can serve you with wide variety of surgical and non-surgical procedure to alter your appearance.

Who is Dr. Epstein and what kind of plastic surgery he can be done for you? Check out more below.

Wide variety of MAE plastic surgery services

Dr. Epstein has perfect combination of experiences, surgical and medical skill. He got his undergraduate degree from University of Michigan and later he continued his study in Wayne State University in Detroit to get his medical degree. After that, he trained in surgery at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago before returned to Detroit for his fellowship.

As an active member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons, he manages to build MAE Northbrook plastic surgery center in Chicago. It offers several aesthetic or cosmetic surgery and non-surgery procedures such as:

  1. Type of procedures for facial surgery

Facial plastic surgery can be done for many reasons. Patient can request it to correct or remove some of their face area to reshape it. Types of facial plastic surgery such as: eyelid surgery, facelift, browlift, neck lift, facial implants, ear surgery, lip augmentation, fat grafting, lip lift, chin augmentation, facetite, and so on.

Each procedure has their own goal, for example eyelid surgery can be done to remove excess skins or fat around eyelid area. Face and neck lift can be done to erase shagging skins and make them appear tighter. These procedures often requested by those who get aging signs.

  1. Type of procedures for nose surgery
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Nose is one of the most important parts on your face because it can dominate your facial appearance. So, the shape of the nose to its size is better be good because it complements our face. Sadly, many people feel discomfort even less confidence with their nose shape to its size. That’s why you can alter your nose appearance with nose surgery.

MAE nose surgery in Chicago offers several procedures for that like rhinoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty. You can pick one that suitable best for your case.

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  1. Other procedures

Beside two types of plastic surgeries mentioned above, MAE surgery also offers other procedures for body like breast lift, breast augmentation and breast reduction for men and women. They also offer skintite and non-surgical procedures like laser treatments, skin treatments and injectables (Botox, fillers, liquid facelift, etc).

Non-surgical procedures are perfect solution for those too uncomfortable with surgery and want to have less recovery period post-surgery. Procedures like Botox and dermal fillers can be done to erase aging signs like wrinkles and stress lines. They can create tighter and smoother skins for people in their old ages.

For more information regarding MAE plastic surgery and the cost, it is better to just contact directly their customer service line. You can visit their address too or just request for virtual consultation for the first time.

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