Maffi Plastic Surgery

www.plasticsurgery24.liveMaffi Plastic Surgery is a premier facility that is dedicated to provide personalized service and care for all of their client. The team is highly skilled and very compassionate to give the best treatment for the patients.

They all understand that getting cosmetic plastic surgery or non-surgical procedure is very personal. Thus, the team in this facility strive in making sure all patients get the best comfort, convenient and safe environment during their visit.

Dr Maffi Plastic Surgery Expertise

You will find a few surgeons leading the team in this facility. They are very skilled and passionate in providing personalized treatment for all clients. The surgeons are:

  1. Dr Maffi

As surgeon that is highly skilled Dr Maffi already hold board certification for plastic surgery. He always committed in giving outstanding result to the client no matter which procedure they get. He is trained in wide range of cosmetic surgery with specification in breast procedure, body contouring and facial rejuvenation.

Dr Maffi completed training in Mayo Clinic, a world-renowned organization before leading Maffi Plastic Surgery. He also gets a lot of experience working with world premier surgeons in the world dealing with reconstructive surgery. This experience really adds more expertise to his ability in facial surgery.

  1. Dr Howard

With nine years training in plastic and general surgery make Dr Howard become one of the top surgeons in Arizona. She is very well known for expertise in technical detail as she is very compassionate and caring.

Dr Howard specialized in facial, body and breast surgical as well as various other non- surgical treatment. She got her medical degree from University of Louisville and received her bachelor from the same university.

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Surgery and Treatment available in The Facility

Maffi Plastic Surgery provides wide range of treatment and surgery to help everyone who feel self-conscious. Men and women surely want to be good with themselves both inside and outside. Here are some of the surgery and treatment available in the facility:

  1. Facial surgery

Dr Maffi is highly trained and very skilled in facial surgery. He can help patients to achieve their goal by accentuating the natural beauty that they have and restore their youth.

You can get complete makeover or treatment for anti-aging which will be tailored with various procedure as well as non-surgical treatment. These procedures can help to rejuvenate and refine your face.

  1. Breast surgery

Some woman might not happy with the size or shape of their breast. Dr Maffi can help with providing various breast surgery to enhance your breast. With plenty of experience and very detailed technique on the surgery, he will deliver the best result that appear natural.

  1. Body surgery

Some people might need body contouring to achieve great result in less time. The procedure can be use to address various concern whether it is aesthetic or functional. Dr Maffy is the leader in body contouring and very dedicated in delivering top quality result for all patients.

Those are some the best procedures available in Maffi Plastic Surgery that you can use. You need to have consultation with Dr Maffi so you can get suitable procedure for your goal.

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