Male Plastic Surgery Miami

Male Plastic Surgery Miami

Who said men does not need plastic surgery just like women? In Male plastic surgery Miami, you will find there are lot of surgeons specialized in male plastic surgery. Range of procedures are available to alter men appearance and reach what their desired look.

If you are also a man looking for plastic surgery procedures to address your appearance or health issues, then below we are going to list several types of popular treatment for men surgery. Furthermore, we also give some recommendation of male plastic surgery clinic in Miami.

The top male plastic surgery Miami procedures

  1. Nose job

Rhinoplasty or nose job can help to reshape or reconstruct the nose for both cosmetic and functional purposes. To reshape the nose, the surgeon sometime needs to break part of the bone away or added some parts to the nose. This type of procedure needs a long time to recover, however due to recent technologies, the recovery time can be reduced.

  1. Jaw and chin implants

There are many men who want to have a great sharp jaw and chin appearance, make them looks more define and manly. With these implants, the procedure can help to make the structure of those facial parts more pronounced and prominent. These kinds of treatments are the most common to men and it is very popular among them.

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  1. Eyelid lift

Eyelid lift or also known as blepharoplasty is a type of surgery that reconstruct the eyelids either for cosmetic or corrective purposes. This is also one of the most common procedures asked by male patients and it has short time to recover. However, after years, the result may lose its effect and the patient probably need to redo it.

  1. Other male surgery

There are so many procedures asked by male patients such as tummy tuck and even male breast reduction. For the second one, plastic surgery center in Miami usually offers it for men who want to reduce their large and big breast to make the chest area appear flatter.

Recommended clinics in Miami

Below are several recommended plastic surgery clinics or surgeons in Miami:

  • Eden Plastic Surgery: They offer customized male facial plastic surgery in Miami that led by Dr. Ali Charafeddine, a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experiences. Examples of procedures such as male nose job, facelift surgery and eyelid surgery.
  • Miami Aesthetic Pat Pazmino plastic surgery: They offer a lot of surgery procedures for male patients including arm contouring, male chest reduction/gynecomastia and male hi-definition vaser liposuction. To ask detailed information regarding each treatment, you can make an appointment to meet the surgeon.
  • The Nathan Clinic Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic: You can find wide range of plastic and cosmetic surgery for male including breast reduction, nose job, botox, fillers, face and neck lift, facial laser treatment and liposuction.

Those are the top 3 recommendation of male plastic surgery Miami centers which you may want to consider. The procedures of male surgery may different from women since they both have different body structures thus you need a surgeon that understand about it.

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