Matthew Mcconaughey Plastic Surgery

As a popular American actor, the rumor about Matthew Mcconaughey plastic surgery has been long known among people. The 53 years old handsome actor has been speculated for several jobs done to alter his look and maintain his youthfulness.

Of course, plastic surgery in Hollywood industry is not something new and so many celebrities including famous actors and actress have been caught went under the knife. Then, how about Matthew Mcconaughey himself?

Matthew Mcconaughey plastic surgery before and after

There are so many discussions about Matthew Mcconaughey nose job surgery to his hair transplant rumor. And we would like to list it one by one below:

  1. Nose job

Regarding the rumor about his nose job, at first his fans noticed that there is slightly different about his nose size and shape from his old photos compared his recent pictures. However even though some people believe he has done a nose job, but others seem to have different opinion.

You can see that his nose has been refined and look tighter than before. However, it might be the work of non-surgery treatments like Juvederm or Radiesse to smooth out the nasal humps and bums. Other fans also said that he never done a nose job and the slightly different of his nose appearance is due to weight reduction that affect his entire facial area including his chin and cheekbones.

  1. Hair transplant

It is known that in 90s, Matthew had begun to show some baldness symptoms. However, when he appeared again today, his hair become thickness and this cause a rumor about Matthew Mcconaughey hair transplant. The actor did not want to admit that he has hair transplantation, instead he said he has new hair treatment for his scalp for years to make his hair healthier.

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This statement of course, clear up the hair transplant speculation. However, this also sometime did not stop people to speculate even on this day. How about you? Do you believe the hair transplant rumor or not?

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  1. Facelift and Botox

Facelift and Botox are two procedures known to remove aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines or shaggy skins in an old age. Apparently, such procedures had been rumored taken by Matthew Mcconaughey as well in order to keep his youthful appearance.

Due to his dedication of his acting and his career, once, the actor looks so skinny and this can cause a shaggy skin. Many ideas pop out into number of his fans that the actor likely undergo facelift to remove the loosen skins. However, Matthew did not comment anything about such speculation so this rumor never been confirmed.

And also, he received speculation that he used Botox injection to prevent aging signs since many have noticed he does age so well but not many aging signs have been caught. It may also the result of facelift and Botox injection combined. But, again, the actor himself never admitted such procedure has been done.

In conclusion Matthew Mcconaughey plastic surgery rumors probably can be true or false because he never admitted. He even reasoning to have good natural treatments for his hair. Then it is up to you who want to believe this kind of rumor or not.

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