Maureen Dowd Plastic Surgery

Maureen Dowd Plastic Surgery

There is few to no information regarding Maureen Dowd plastic surgery on internet, but that does not mean people can stop speculating something. Some may speculate that the American columnist and author may went under the knife to maintain her youthful look since she is a public figure.

As we all already knew that a public figure who often showed up in front of camera, expected to have certain images that they need to maintain. Especially about their overall appearance including facial and body appearance. And as one of the most famous American authors, of course Maureen Dowd is expected to have great appearance as well.

About Maureen Dowd plastic surgery

Maureen Dowd or Maureen Brigid Down was born in 50s and thus she is already in her 70s. You can see that she always tries to maintain good look since she was young especially when she appears in front of camera and during some television shows.

Maintaining good look when we started to get old is often difficult for public figure. It is because you will suffer from aging signs like wrinkles, crow’s feet, lines on the forehead, shaggy skins on the cheek and such. This is why many people decided to take plastic surgery in order to get rid all these aging signs and to make their look stay younger.

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If you focused closely on Maureen Dowd appearance, then you can definitely tell the columnist still looks good, despite being in such an old age. If others old people in their 70s already got so many wrinkles and loose skins, then you can tell Maureen Dowd does not have such characteristics. That kind of thing usually cannot be achieved via natural things alone and thus there must be some cosmetic surgery that allows her to maintain her younger appearance.

People also speculated that Maureen Dowd had plastic surgery to keep her youthful look like:

  • Botox injection to get rid few wrinkles and lines on the facial area especially forehead.
  • Facelift to make the shaggy skins tighten as well as the neck area
  • Fillers to remove aging signs better and can be combined with Botox too

All these procedures known to remove aging signs and people who are already in their old age, usually use these types of procedures to maintain their youthful look.

And you can see that there are few lines and wrinkles on Maureen Dowd forehead, this is probably the help of Botox or brow lift or forehead lift. Her forehead appears smoother and free from any aging signs that usually appear on people who already in their 70s.

How about you? Do you think that Maureen Dowd cosmetic surgery is true or just some rumors? Whether it is true or not, but we can tell that her overall appearance still looks good, especially her facial area that showed few aging signs.

If Maureen Dowd plastic surgery is true then she must have the best surgeon to help her maintain her youthful look. It is because her facial looks natural and good in front of camera.

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