Medical Assistant Plastic Surgery Jobs

www.plasticsurgery24.liveMedical assistant plastic surgery jobs are varied from administrative work to clinical work. Most of the time a medical assistant can only help during minor procedure. But on big procedure you will not be inside the room.

However, even on outpatient’s procedure sometimes the doctor still need help from medical assistant. Your job is to make the patient calm during and before the procedure. You will also help to set the operating room and measure patient’s vital before the procedure. During the procedure the doctor might ask you to pass instruments.

Medical Assistant Plastic Surgery Jobs as Receptionist and Cleric

On a plastic surgery clinic, medical assistants will also perform various clerical and administrative duties. There are a lot of times where you have to work together with the front desk to take the phone and answer questions or make appointments.

Before the procedure you will greet the patients, keeping records of the patients confidential, taking the patients medical history and many other. That is why, you need to have knowledge about filing technology.

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Duties Before Operation Procedure

Before the surgery is done, medical assistant plastic surgery jobs are to make sure everything is in order. They will also sterilize all instruments before the procedure and after the procedure is done. That is why, you need to know which instruments are needed for each procedure so you can prepare them.

You should also make sure that the treatment room and operating room are organized and well stocked. You will also take samples and order injection before the surgery. It is important to keep the patient calm by explaining the procedure to them.

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Medical Assistant Plastic Surgery Jobs During Operation

During plastic surgery procedure, medical assistant will also assist the surgeon. You will be needed especially during specific procedure such as mole removals, scar revisions, breast augmentations, labia modifications and breast reductions surgery. Your duty is to make sure that everything is sterile and safe.

There are some tasks that the medical assistants cannot do during the procedure. For example, you cannot administer anesthesia. You also cannot create laceration using a scalpel. Those tasks will be performed by doctor or physicians with specific knowledge.

Duties After Operation Procedure

When the surgery is done, medical assistant plastic surgery jobs are to make sure that the contaminated supplies are cleared. You will also need to sterilized all of the instruments then restore the surgical room to their order.

Meanwhile, you will also need to monitor the patient’s status in the recovery room. You might need to check on their incisions, change the patients’ dressing, remove staples and stiches. Then you also need to explain to the patients the method to take care of themselves at home. You also need to make sure that the patients are able to recognize any signs for trouble in convalescent period.

Demand for Medical Assistant

Currently demand for medical assistant plastic surgery jobs are increasing every year. They are expected to grow around 29% for the decade until 2029. Since, this growth rate is pretty high, you might want to try and get yourself into the field.

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