Mehta Plastic Surgery

www.plasticsurgery24.liveMehta Plastic Surgery goal is to help enhancing your personal beauty while maintaining a natural appearance. The team is very knowledgeable and friendly, they will guide you throughout all of the needed process.

Dr Mehta will use advanced computer technology to show the changes in your appearance after facial or nasal procedure. That way, you will have some idea on what to expect using this latest technology.

Mehta Plastic Surgery

The surgery by Dr Mehta will be performed on surgical facilities that is fully accredited and located in Peninsula. There are two locations available, the first one is Palo Alto location in Waverley Surgery Center and the second one is Redwood City location in Sequoia Hospital.

The patients that visit Dr Mehta comes from all over the world such as well as Canada and US area. The team can help to arrange your travel and hotel when necessary. The facility can treat pediatric patients and adult patients. They also accept insurance plants from most provider and accept payment from most credit cards and other financial options.

Dr Umang Mehta has double certification and specialized in neck and face surgery. he is very passionate about rhinoplasty procedure and has expertise in very complex and major rhinoplasty revision surgery.

He can use the latest surgical procedure in eyelid, face and neck surgery together with nonsurgical technique in order to give the Mehta Plastic Surgery patients the best result. He has long experience in head and neck as well as plastic surgery. He has deep consideration regarding the aesthetic and the functional aspect of the procedure.

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To work on complex area, you need to entrust the procedure to specialist that are skilled in this kind of surgery. Dr Mehta has expertise not only in cosmetic surgery but also on various other facial reconstructive surgery. The reconstructive surgeries include lacerations, facial fractures, as well as reconstruction procedure after skin cancer surgery. He is also member of AAFPRS so you should not doubt his ability.

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Top Treatments Available

  1. Rhinoplasty procedure

This Mehta Plastic Surgery procedure is done to correct or change the nose shape both externally and internally. The internal changes that can be done includes widen nasal valves, straighten deviated septum as a process of improving someone’s ability to breath.

Dr Mehta has expertise in revision and primary procedure of rhinoplasty. He has specialization in open rhinoplasty and endonasal rhinoplasty with extensive experience on both techniques.

  1. Facelift procedure

This procedure is done to rejuvenate the appearance of lower face, neck and jawline. Dr Mehta will use the latest surgical techniques and technology to provide results that are long lasting with minimize downtime.

Dr Mehta will focus on deeper planes inside the face so the effect will appear natural to avoid pulled look that is undesirable. A lot of patients are satisfied with the results that are very outstanding.

Those are some of the top procedures that available in Mehta Plastic Surgery and done by many patients. Dr Mehta has expertise in both procedure with long list of patients with outstanding result. If you are interested to be one, you might want to call and get your appointment now.

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