Melissa George Plastic Surgery

Melissa George Plastic Surgery

www.plasticsurgery24.liveMelissa George plastic surgery is a controversial topic since she has her own view about the subject. Indeed, it is a very hard subject and a very personal one that makes it difficult to decide whether you are ok with it or not.

As an Australian actress that has work on a lot of projects in Hollywood, George must have seen a lot of people with plastic surgery. It is not a new thing, especially in the entertainment industry.

Melissa George Plastic Surgery

Melissa George was born in Australia. It is where she also works as actress before moving to LA to pursue a career in America. The now late forties actress has done a lot of roles that makes her popular not only in the US but also internationally.

In fact, her career in America keep rising until now. Surely as a person who comes from abroad, she experiences more pressure to always look beautiful. However, George is someone that does not want to surrender to the pressure. In fact, she always believes that beauty come from within and natural beauty is the real beauty.

Statement About the Use of Plastic Surgery

When asked about what she think of Melissa George plastic surgery, she expresses her confusion as she does not fully understand the reason why people willing to go though all of those pains just to get plastic surgery.

She also thinks that the plastic surgery the world currently have is bad. She thinks that the name ‘plastic surgery’ express itself. Since it is called as plastic, she thinks that it would not look good.

That is why, she is against the use of plastic surgery just for the sake of looking pretty. She also thinks that people who did plastic surgery all has appearance like a character from Batman movie named The Joker. Thus, she does not understand why people want to have Joker like appearance.

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Statement About Other Role of Plastic Surgery

Despite her apparent hate about Melissa George plastic surgery, she does admit that plastic surgery has important role that could not be replaced by something else. That role is the reconstruction surgery.

Reconstructive plastic surgery is a type of surgery that is done to patient that experience some condition that changes their natural appearance. With this procedure the patients are able to get their normal appearance back as they use to be.

When it comes to the other role of plastic surgery, George said that she supports that. She also said that if there is anyone that need to do plastic surgery after experiencing an accident then she will support the decision.

The Method Used to Keep Beauty Besides Melissa George Plastic Surgery

George said that she wants to keep her own beauty by going all natural. She also said that she keeps her beauty routine to a minimum to maintain her natural beauty. She only uses sunscreen and also done chemical peel which is very strong one time every 2 year.

Melissa George indeed someone that is born with natural beauty. She is also against the use of surgery to alter someone’s appearance. Thus, Melissa George plastic surgery is something that she would not do.

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