Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery – As a popular television host and actress, it is understandable that Melissa Rivers plastic surgery always comes out. Especially after she already in her fifties but she still appears young and pretty like she used to when she is in her thirties.

That is why, a lot of people suspect her of having some work done. This is understandable since the pressure of having a career in television industry is very high. For an actress to have some work done on their body and face is also considered as norm in this industry.

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Influence from Her Mom

Before the rumor about Mellissa’s plastic surgery even comes out, there is an even bigger rumor about her mom. Especially since her mom, Joan Rivers already admits that she has done various work in her body and face.

Mellissa even said that her mom had done hundreds of works done which surely affect herself. So, people do not even surprise anymore when Mellissa said that she also had done some work. According to her, she has done rhinoplasty, brow lift, as well as cheek augmentation. But is it true that those are the only procedures she did?

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Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Might Be More Than What She Admits

Looking at Melissa Rivers plastic surgery before and after picture, you can see huge difference on her appearance. That is why, people think that she might have done more than what she admits.

Especially since she is not a stranger to plastic surgery, so it would be a surprised that she only done minimum work. You can see from her appearance that clearly indicate that she has done more work on her face.

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Insiders Said That Melissa Rivers Might Done Too Much on Her Face

Melissa Rivers face suggested that she might done some fillers as well as other procedures. As you can see, Melissa Rivers plastic surgery has caused her face to appear frozen. This is also confirmed by insiders that said she has done multiple procedures as well as fillers that cause that to happen.

Melissa transformation appear unnatural and now she has become more and more like her mom. The insiders also said that Melissa is very affected by her mom and she always think that she is ugly. That is why, she done a lot of procedure to her face as a way to cope with it.

Some expert that saw her transformation also agree that she might have done a lot of procedures. According to Dr. Zannis, she might have done eyelid lift, facelift, browlift, and nose job. Meanwhile, Dr. David said that she injects too much Botox and cause her face to appear like joker.


Melissa saw her mom done hundred of procedure since her young age. That surely affect her in a way. So, she is not scared to admit that she has done some procedure herself. However, she might only admit some of the procedures that she did.

There are still a lot of Melissa Rivers plastic surgery procedures that she does not admit. But you can see it clearly from her frozen face. It is the proof that cannot be denied.

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