Mindy Kaling Plastic Surgery

www.plasticsurgery24.live – As American actress Mindy Kaling gain popularity with her comedy role. People are enchanted by her beautiful appearance and her acting skill. And of course, the result is Mindy Kaling plastic surgery rumor start to rise.

Not only she is good in acting but she is also well known as screenwriter, author, director, producer and comedian that complete her talent list. This multitalented actress really makes a lot of people becomes envious of her beauty and ability.

Mindy Kaling Plastic Surgery

But before long, people start to notice the change in her appearance. This began when people start to see the difference in Mindy Kaling before and after picture. Especially when people compare her appearance on the start of her career.

From the picture when she was younger, people notice that her skin is much darker. But now, her skin is a lot lighter and the change is not very subtle. The difference on her skin color is more than 3shades which makes people think that Mindy Kaling plastic surgery had happened.

Because of that people think that she had done skin lightening procedure to make her skin appear lighter. But of course, the actress would not admit that herself. A lot of fans also said that her skin becomes lighter because she now has more balanced diet and use higher quality skincare.

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Mindy Kaling Nose Job

Another procedure that people think she might have done is rhinoplasty. Especially since people notice that her nose used to be wider and bigger. But now, it has become smaller in size and the shape is also more sculptured.

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This makes her face look sharper and more defined which is a good result that you expect from a nose job. If Mindy Kaling plastic surgery rhinoplasty really happen then it might be done by a professional that able to do the job right and not botcher it.

Mindy Kaling Fillers

Another change that is visible to her face is on her lips. Before she already has thick lips so not many people notice it. But now you can see that her lips become bigger and plumper than before.

However, some expert says that she does not have the right effect that she wants from the procedure. People notice that her old lips look better as it looks sleek and pretty. But that does not stop her from doing other procedure.

This leads people to speculate that she also done some botox to inject some filler on her face. The reason is because she does not show much wrinkles even when she already in her forties. But of course, this can also be done by using a good quality skincare as treatment.


A lot of people speculate that Mindy Kaling plastic surgery because her skin appears lighter and there are some changes in her face. But until today, the actress herself does not admit any of the allegation at all. A lot of her fans also said that the changes are due to make up that makes her appear different. Of course, she also done a lot of treatment to maintain her natural beauty.

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