Ming Na Wen Plastic Surgery

www.plasticsurgery24.liveMing Na Wen plastic surgery rumor spread even more as the actress gets older. It is understandable as the actress is now in her late fifties but her appearance does not match with her age.

Even today, she still appears beautiful and young as ever. This makes a few people speculate that she might have gone under the knife. Not to mention that having a procedure done is a common thing in the entertainment industry. Thus, she might also use the same method to get her youthful appearance.

Ming Na Wen Plastic Surgery as Asian Representation

As a Chinese American that works in Hollywood, Ming Na Wen might get big pressure from the media. Especially since she also represents her fellow Asian in the western entertainment industry, thus a lot of people will pay attention to her appearance a lot.

Even when she is already in her late fifties, she must maintain youthful appearance which actually a signature for Asian people. Although it also come in their genes, but looks like Ming Na takes it a step further. If you see her before and after picture you will notice that she appears younger than her age.

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Facelift Surgery

Even today Ming Na still have smooth and flawless skin which is very hard to get by people her age. This makes her appear fresh and younger than her real age. However, that might not be achieved simply by makeup alone. Some people suspect that she might have gone under the knife to get such result.

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The Ming Na Wen plastic surgery procedure that makes it possible is facelift surgery which can help to remove excess skin as well as wrinkles. Furthermore, with the surgery her skin becomes smooth and tight as you can see on her upper face and forehead area.

Double Eyelid surgery

It is a very common surgery among Chinese descendant that born with smaller eyes. If you see Ming Na’s appearance today, you will notice how her eyes seems to be bigger compared to her early years.

However, it seems that the Ming Na Wen plastic surgery is not too invasive since the result does not change her natural Asian eye shape. It is a good thing as she can maintain her natural beauty while still getting the result that she wants.

Ming Na Wen Plastic Surgery Botox

Another area that you might want to pay attention is around her eyes. Normally when a person reached her age, they would already have a lot of wrinkles around their eyes. However, as you can see Ming Na does not have any of those.

This lack of aging sign shows that she might have uses some Botox to smoothen the line. This procedure can help to remove the aging sign and makes her eyes appear youthful. The result is amazing as she looks younger compared to her colleague.


As any other celebrities in Hollywood, Ming Na never says anything about any of the procedure above. That is why, people only able to speculate whether Ming Na Wen plastic surgery is only a rumor or the truth. You can make your own conclusion based on the picture that you find online.

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