Minnie Driver Plastic Surgery

Minnie Driver plastic surgery rumor keep attacking the actress ever since she uploads her Instagram video. It seems like it is something very common that happened to many celebrities as they get more famous.

With more follower, that also means Driver gets more people who pay attention to her look. Especially when she appears on the red carpet with her makeup and dress that makes her look more gorgeous.

Minnie Driver Plastic Surgery Rumour after Instagram Story

As a celebrity, surely Driver want to get close to her fans by posting various photos and video in her social media. She often posts her gorgeous look on the red carpet or when she goes to an event.

However, it seems that some of the fans forgot that Minne Driver is also ordinary person like any other human. There are times when she does not want to wear any makeup and just look normal like everyone else.

That is why she make Instagram stories to promote her podcast by showing a video where she talks inside her car. One person makes a comment on the video and said that her face is too heavy with fillers.

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Driver does not wait any longer to clap back and say that Minnie Driver plastic surgery does not happen. She is still natural and never use any filler or injection in her face. However, she also adds that women can put whatever they want to their face. So, people shouldn’t worry about the choice that women make for themselves.

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Another incident happens when a picture taken by paparazzi shows up on the news. In the picture Driver appear without any make up as she goes out from the working class to her car. The news said that she is unrecognizable without the makeup.

This picture is taken just two days after she attend the red carpet of her newest movie. In the red carpet she wears black dress paired with stilettos which makes her look elegant. Her makeup also simple but still makes her appear flawless. That is why, the contrast between the two picture makes people stunned with how different she is with and without makeup.

As you can see, the pressure of being a celebrity is very hard. On one side, people want Drive to always look good no matter what. Even when she has just finished her work out, people still want her to look as good as she is in the red carpet. However, they will still critique her if Minnie Driver plastic surgery does happen.

Actually, the contrast between her before and after picture is the one that makes her human. It is perfectly normal that she looks different without any makeup on. And of course, she also said that she does not have any procedure done before.

But from the way she said it, looks like Drive does not really against the use of cosmetic surgery or any other non-surgical procedure like implant. So, even if Minnie Driver plastic surgery does not happen today, it might happen in the future. So, follow us for more news and update about her.

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